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bennett4senate on 09/27/2010 at 01:00AM

Genre Judo Throw: Javelin

Tom VanBuskirk of Javelin live on WFMU.
Somewhere between the cozy confines of their home studio and the stages they've steadily toured for the past year and a half, the radio seems like a good fit for Javelin. It has a flattening effect, bringing together the detailed textures of their samples and the looseness in their live performance. Cousins George Langford and Tom Van Buskirk stopped by WFMU on a sunny afternoon to talk and drop a live set of rambunctious, channel surfing beats, including unreleased new tracks.

Javelin developed their sound in Providence, a small town with a scene that they say encouraged people to not wait around for recording budgets, and instead grab the closest 4-track and start putting something down; shoot first and then edit, maybe come back to it. This high-volume production process seems to be how they developed their signature eclectic thump. Where other producers flip beats, Javelin's style is judo throw, re-directing the momentum of pitched up disco, soca, and r&b records back into fun percussion-driven vignettes. With a healthy skepticism for both band and DJ culture, the duo sucessfully created a show that avoids the trappings of electronic musicans forced to "go live". Surrounded by tables of MPCs, mini mixers, and pedals, George paces out the shows in deep concentration, sweating over an electronic drumpad, with Tom meandering around the stage singing a mix of his own lyrics and earworm pop hooks, ocassionally noodling on the keytar or kazoo. The rest of the music is playing itself, sequenced by the machines.

The net result has rappers wanting to drop verses on it, other producers wanting their remixes to sound like it, and just about everybody wanting to dance to it. A triple threat. Their tastes do not sit still, and this thirty minute session mirrors the variety found on their new album for Luaka Bop, ping-ponging from r&b to country in an effort to keep themselves entertained. Buying thrift store records like they listen to the radio on tour: whatever's local.

The performance is presented as a continuous mix, complete with live incidentals and interludes.


  1. Cowpoke
  2. Strawberry Roan
  3. Barrell Roll
  4. Harpo
  5. On It On It
  6. C Town
  7. Lindsay Brohan
  8. TWYCE
  9. Yogurt Beach
  10. Dee (live version)
  11. Off My Mind
  12. Suzie Cues
  13. Mossy Woodland

From Awesome New Place with Bennett4Senate on 8/26/2010.



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