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DylanGoing on 10/14/2010 at 12:00PM

"God, look how small we look from up here!"

Being a music festival, the experience at the ATP weekend isn't thoroughly grounded in any traditional sense of reality. Already seatbelting themselves into a commitment to a full work week's worth of entertainment, guests enjoy the supplemental bonus of attending the unsettlingly traditional Kutsher's Resort and Country Club, oasis of the Catskills 1970. Without any jursidiction from father time and mother space to keep anyone focused, a strong "No parents!" vibe rules the weekend and the fine line between "anything goes" and "WTF" disappears and reappears at random. Soon, Ron Jeremy's chumming it with your crew and you're being offered to smoke with DJ Kool Herc at 5 AM while Albini's poker tournament upstairs has yet to finish. It was easy to lose track of any sense about how the world works.

Much of ATP's and Jim Jarmusch's programming over the weekend dealt with performers in the psychedelic kingdom, audiences regularly careened into space on the extraplanetary saddles of guitar solo after guitar solo. At Fursaxa's turn at bat, backed up by cellist Helena Espvall and Mary Lattimore on full-size harp, they decided to forego the rocket ship method in favor of gently lofting the audience to the heavens on a hot air balloon stream of looped vocals and string accompaniments, finishing off the set with the stellar, seven minute "Sidhe," that seemed to mimic the sound of the 400 people all breathing together at a pace that deviated from any other point in the weekend. The effect took hold and left everyone in the ballroom completely inundated, many on their backs in "carpet angel" pose nowhere closer to reality.

Listen to the full 40 minute set below. Fursaxa's 2010 studio album on ATP Recordings, Mycorrizhae Realm, also features Epsvall and Lattimore.

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jason on 10/15/10 at 05:01PM
this is a great description of ATP-NY, truly unique vibes -- wish I could've been there this year
jason on 10/15/10 at 05:04PM
and somehow I'd missed out on Mycorrhizae Realm 'til now, just emusic'd
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