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jason on 08/21/2009 at 09:11AM

FMA podcast round-up

Ns_itunes WFMU just announced a brand new podcast -- Noise and Syrup with Jeff M -- that draws its noisey syruppy selections exclusively from the Free Music Archive's pod-safe library. Visit WFMU's podcast page for subscribe options and a list of all 21 WFMU podcasts.

Of course, the FMA is a resource for podcasters all over the world, not just from WFMU. Some of the podcasts drawing material from the FMA include...

CBC Radio's tech/culture program Spark, which exclusively uses CC music for their podcast

alt.NPR's Youthcast draws content primarily from the FMA and

New It Make, from Community Radio Hamilton out of New Zealand, recently did an entire show of CC music with a couple samples of Lawrence Lessig himself thrown into the mix.

The FMA's Old Time/Historic section inspired Steve Terrell, a political blogger from New Mexico, to start up a music podcast

If you like Macedonia's picks here on the FMA, be sure to check out Radio BSOTS for a free-form mix of hip-hop and electronic sounds

German podcaster Metawelle has been spinning tracks from the FMA from way back. So has Simon Roy via Ouèbe Musique, a radio show on CKRL 89.1 in Québec City, including a really cool feature on Balkan Brass from the Golden Festival from earlier this year (check out a track below)

I know there are lots more. How are you using the music you find on the FMA? Give a shout and let us know!



patrickwiddess on 08/23/09 at 03:50PM
I play a lot of tracks from FMA on my show Headstand on Cambridge based community radio station 209 Radio broadcasting on and 105FM in Cambridge (UK).
The latest show features tracks by Jadd Fair, iNiT, Har You Percussion Group, Jaap Blonk and Computer Jesus Refrigerator. You can listen to the show at
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