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macedonia on 09/18/2010 at 08:50AM

Easing Back In With "Leave It Out"...

Cover art for the Dance Audit Hour compilation on Uncharted Audio.

To date, there are now over 25,000 tracks available from the Free Music Archive.  Between you and me, I felt like I got lost in the shuffle some 5,000 tracks ago.  If 2010 has taught me anything, it let me know in no uncertain terms that, as much as I may want to leave my digital footprints all over the place, my real feet had better keep day job and family life responsibilities in constant view.  It was life's way of telling me to keep the main thing the main thing.  In addition, whether it's Creative Commons releases or otherwise, I will be playing catch-up with music for the rest of my life...and I'm fine with that.  Thank goodness for those who make it their business to post regularly here, highlighting their favorites and uncovering those hidden gems scattered throughout this glorious resource.

I figured if I was going to ease my way back into this, I really should start with a somewhat familiar face to get myself motivated.  A few weeks ago, I came across the Dance Audit Hour compilation on Uncharted Audio and was pleasantly surprised to see a contribution from Cursor Miner.  I was first introduced to him in 2001 through the Fresh Fruit compilation on Lo Recordings.  He had a song on that called "Never Been Seen," which was aptly described as a cross between Beck and David Bowie.  He has recorded several albums for Lo Recordings and also remixed artists such as Fischerspooner and The Chap along the way.

Today's featured cut is "Leave It Out," which features pounding techno rhythms underlying synth-pop style songwriting and Miner's understated yet captivating vocals.  You may find yourself under the same spell that it puts me under whenever I listen to it, immediately moving your mouse towards the play button the moment the song comes to an end...

electronic, synth pop, techno


jason on 09/19/10 at 05:59PM
what's that old saying "the more you know, the more you know there is to be known" ?

thankfully we've got virtual crate diggers like yourself, the Radio BSOTS podcast, and labels like Uncharted | Audio. This comp's pretty stellar
unchartedaudio on 09/21/10 at 09:02AM
Thanks for the kind words, Jasons!
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