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DylanGoing on 08/11/2011 at 12:57PM

DJ Assault: Live, Sans Jive

AKA Craig Diamonds AKA "the king of booty" AKA "the hottest in Detroit dance music," DJ Assault is probably the most reoccurring name in the Booty Bass/GhettoTech pantheon. When people imagine the essence of the genre, many immediately recall the concise, infectious hook from "Ass-n-Titties." When people want to hear the accelerated tempo, gait, and raunchy lyrics associated with the genre, they want to hear Assault. Even if they may not know him by name and their only familiarity with his work stems from the features, snippets and samples laid throughout incalculable DJ mixes, compilations, as well as TV and movies over the past decade and a half, he's the one behind what they want to hear.

When the King of Booty came to WFMU's Marty McSorley show for a live session (and later ice cream), he surprised us with his congenial and fairly reserved demeanor but soon revealed an overpowering love of the production, history, traditions of dance music as he knew and grew up with it. He waxed on about his vintage 303s, and told us about all the Chicago house and Detroit techno DJs he would religiously tape off the radio while growing up in Michigan.

Assault's live set, comprised of all original productions, showed this kind of youthful home-taping enthusiasm still very much alive, as if he knew there was another young DJ Assault-to-be on the other side of the radio wetting his or her pants with the same kind of excitement. His joking "Friday night live, ain't no jive!" is actually a reference to the kind of banter pioneering house DJ Farley "Jackmaster" Funk would pepper throughout his late night radio appearances in the 80s.

This was all on the eve of a massive Santos Party House event featuring fellow Detroit Ghettotech pioneer DJ Godfather, Chicago juke innovator DJ Rashad, Dipset's Araabmuzik, locals Blissed Out and Laurel Halo, and many more.

DJ Assault recently founded his own record label Jefferson Ave, through which he shares a TON of free recordings (as well as rips of some of the original cassette from his favorite 80s radio mixes)-- dig in here:



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