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jason on 08/22/2011 at 02:12PM

Collected Works of Ilya Monosov (LP, book, sound, video)

Ilya Monosov's "Sounding Record" from The Collected Works of Ilya Monosov [You Don't Have To Call It Music, 2011]

The Collected Works of Ilya Monosov is a new limited-edition boxset from the You Don't Have To Call It Music label consisting of an LP, book, CDr w/ sound-files and video, and a collection of objects. This range of materials should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Ilya Monosov's myriad musical projects, which themselves take many forms: from Holy Mountain noise/psych-rock duo The Shining Path and improv with Preston Swirnoff (Monosov/Swirnoff) to 'DJ Ilya Monosov' collaborations with hip-hop super group Hedonic Islands and the 'new music' of 21st Century Punks.

Collected Works showcases Monosov's more conceptual intermedia projects, "for fans of Joe Jones, Takehisa Kosugi, John Cage, and Terry Riley" according to the label's description. For example, "One Hour As Music" (an hour-long ResonanceFM performance), "Music for Broken Music Box and Electronic Cricket," "Music For My Empty Room," and "Autonomous Guitar Music for Marc Shulz". While these works make for deep listening experiences on their own, meaning is derived from the environment in which they were created.

The book [.pdf] that accompanies the boxset is titled Performance Things Scores and its snapshots of installations, objects (like the broken music box and sounding record), writings, and scrapbook-style 'scores' provide a more in-depth understanding of Ilya Monosov's broad output. Context is key -- for example, there is an essay accompanying "Solo Cello #1 For Charles Curtis" and while it helps to know that it was composed for the Fluxus 40th Anniversary Exhibit along with a series of photographic sheet music, the music itself is plenty engulfing. Video includes performances with Little Howlin' Wolf, "Silent Music," and the fascinating "Sounding Record" pictured above. 

The boxset is limited to 50 copies, with an additional 250 copies of the LP. You Don't Have To Call It Music has generously made the music available for free download along with a PDF of the book. We are proud to mirror a selection of recordings here at the Free Music Archive (below), and a PDF of the book can be viewed here or download courtesy of WFMU.



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