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jason on 07/26/2011 at 12:00AM

Bobb Trimble's Lost LP From 1983, Salvaged! (Live MP3s + Video)

cover art to Bobb Trimble's 1983 recording with The Crippled Dog Band, released July 26th 2011 on Yoga Records

Most of us know Bobb Trimble -- well, as much as anyone does -- through the first two LPs of surreal psychedelic folk that the cult figure self-released in his early 20s. Iron Curtain Innocence (1980) and Harvest of Dreams (1982) were either a decade too late, or decades ahead of their time, as they went on to inspire the likes of Ariel Pink and Thurston Moore, fetching up to $1500 on ebay (sez wikipedia). Both were reissued by Secretly Canadian in 2007, and you can preview a track off of each at Bobb Trimble's FMA profile. But all the while, there was a third -- and very different -- Bobb Trimble record from 1983 that had never seen the light of day, because all 500 copies were disposed of in an office park dumpster.

The Crippled Dog Band LP is finally available for the first time ever via Yoga Records. The Crippled Dog Band is also the name of the group of teenage boys who back Bobb up on this recording. Story goes that the band itself wasn't Bobb's idea -- rather he was invited to join, but if you watch this recently excavated live video (below) it's clear that the music is Bobb's vision.

After disappearing for a couple decades, Bobb Trimble returned to the stage backed by a new band of young (but not that young) disciples: the Flying Spiders (Gary War, Nick Branigan, Karina DaCosta, and long-time friend Kris Thompson). In June 2009, Bobb Trimble's Flying Spiders played on my radio show at WFMU in 2009 (mp3s below, 2009 blog post here), and four songs from the Crippled Dog Band-era -- which can be heard here on the FMA -- were surprise favorites from the set. You can also hear Bobb Trimble's Flying Spiders perform at their first-ever but long-overdue NYC appearance (6/25/2009), and a year later at ISSUE Project Room's outdoor courtyard series.

>> Bobb Trimble - The Crippled Dog Band @ Yoga Records



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