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jason on 06/30/2009 at 03:43PM

Bobb Trimble and the Flying Spiders live at WFMU

Bobb Trimble (r) with Gary War on guitar and Nick Branigan on drums. Along with Kris Thompson on bass and Karina DaCosta on vox, you've got The Flying Spiders, photographed here in the WFMU live room (by Tiffany Camhi)

In his early 20s, Bobb Trimble self-released two surreal psychedelic folk albums: "Iron Curtain Innocence" (1980) and "Harvest of Dreams" (1982). He played a handful of shows around the local Worcester, MA area with teenage backing bands The Kidds and The Crippled Dog Band, then disappeared. Meanwhile, his recordings lived on as sought-after collector's items, and inspired countless contemporary artists like Ariel Pink and Gary War. In 2007, Secretly Canadian reissued both Bobb Trimble albums, inspiring Bobb Trimble's Flying Spiders to come together for a series of special shows, including the Homegrown psychedelic music festival taking place this July in Boston. Backed by the Flying Spiders, Bobb Trimble made his NYC-area debut last Thursday at the Rose Live Bar, and it was quite an event (you can read more about it at Vanity Fair). The next day, they stopped by WFMU to pre-tape a live set that aired on this morning's episode of Talk's Cheap.

The set included a bunch of classic songs from Bobb's two official albums, but it also included four songs that had never been released stateside. We're psyched to be able to share these live versions of "Live Wire, Live Wire", "The Camel Song", "Angel Eyes," and "Undercovers Man" here on the FMA.

Bobb's recordings of those songs were actually released by Denmark's Orpheus Records in 2002, on Life Beyond the Doghouse. This vinyl-only LP compiled Trimble's lost mid-80's solo recordings, some with the Crippled Dog Band from 1983, and some backed by The Violent Reactions in 1986. More info here at the Orpheus Records website. In the interview, there's talk of a stateside reissue of that material, which is long overdue!

The other FMA track, "Oh Baby", is also a Crippled Dog Band song, originally sung by one of the Kidds (or was it a Crippled Dog?) on Harvest of Dreams, sung here by Kris Thompson.

All of the Flying Spiders have fantastic other projects, many of which are featuredon the FMA. Kris' other projects include The Lothars (the world's premier theremin group), Terrastock vets Abunai, and of course The Prefab Messiahs who inspired the Bobb Trimble reunion. Gary War is former Haunted Graffiti member Gary War, and for his solo work, he is often joined by Nick and Kris. This lineup played live on Talk's Cheap earlier this year, archived here on the FMA, and released on killer cassette by Captured Tracks (who have also just released a 7'' by Gary War/Blank Dogs collabo Roman Soldiers!). Vocalist Karina's group 28 Degrees Taurus can be found here, and Bobb can be found on myspace, facebook and the free music archive, where Marcus recently featured "One Mile From Heaven" (read the full post here).



beyondwithin on 07/01/09 at 10:51AM
thanks for a great visit & session, Jason. Bobb sends his heartfelt appreciation and best wishes.
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