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lizb on 11/11/2010 at 07:00AM

Bedroom jams by Henry Hynes

With all the High School Musical, Glee, talent reality shows, and packaged poplets saturating the mainstream media, it almost becomes unfathomable to imagine a teenager creating sophisticated experimental yet melodic compositions these days. Thankfully, Henry Hynes exists.

Not only does this 16-year-old kid play drums in the great NJ band Home Blitz, but he writes great songs, and also volunteers for the FMA from time to time.

Henry recently released a great CD called "The Portal" (Cryptic Carousel), full of home recordings from 2006-2010, and it's been getting a lot of play on WFMU lately. You can check out a sampling of songs from the album here on the FMA. The tunes veer from lo-fi pop to dreamy experimental ramblings and concrete departures, all catchy in a strange otherworldly way.

If you dig Henry's music, I hear he's looking to release some on vinyl...

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