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jason on 12/21/2009 at 10:00AM

Anti-Pop Consortium remixes are in!

Back on November 16th, the Free Music Archive announced our first official remix contest featuring NYC's legendary hip-hop innovators Anti-Pop Consortium. Last night was the deadline, and we've got everything posted now so take a listen, because these remixes are incredible!

The original song "Reflections", from Anti-Pop Consortium's new album Fluorescent Black, is just brimming with potential -- hints at styles and sounds that could be infinitely expanded. And 50 remixers from all over the world have gone and done just that, expounded on the idea like a fractal!

I was hoping somebody's start out like Lille, France's Luminocolor did, with the drum fill from the second section of the song moved to the very beginning. They even re-recorded the theme with a horn arrangement.

We've got some familiar faces throwing their unique interpretations into the mix. Chicago's Chandeliers, Lord Tang (a new project from the mastermind behind Qulfus/Borful Tang), Curha (Curtis Hasselbring), even our own Dylan Going (of Bronhard/Going/Public and White Mice) did a 12-minute extended dancefloor into ambience remix!

We also heard from a bunch of artists who are new to the FMA, but well established. Like Montreal's DJ Brace, who's worked with the liked of the Pharcyde and Roxanne Shante, and whose 2009 solo album, Nostomania, won a Juno award! Also from Montreal is sound artist and composer and Mutek performer Nimalan Yoganathan. I was personally very excited to've received entries from uiutna and h., part of Switzerland's Wildrfid collective, and Jonas the Plugexpert , a hero of the UpitUp netlabel. And then there are new sounds -- check out Karash Nikol from France, the slowed-down groove of 22tape, the midwest funk of DJ Kamikaze, the glitched-out sounds of _jjj_ from the Czech Republic, a squeaky, slammin' beat from Amsterdam's C.O.G.

I'll admit -- I was worried that some remixers (like myself!) might get disoriented by the tempo-changes, and advanced, arrhythmic, anti-pop approach of Anti-Pop Consortium. But even the occasional awkward moment makes for pretty engaging listening, and everything I've listened to so far is awesome!

Now the judging is in the hands of of Anti-Pop Consortium themselves: Beans, M Sayyid, High Priest and Earl Blaize. It's been a busy year for the APC! They released their first new album in 7.5 years, Fluorescent Black (Big Dada) and have toured the world to support what many are calling their finest work to-date.

You can still try your hand at remixing APC by grabbing the stems here --  they're available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license (as are all entries) -- but entrants to the contest are closed off so just email them to and we'll add them to the pool for everyone to enjoy.

We'll announce the winners early next year, so stay tuned and in the meantime, cast your vote by logging in to favorite a track (or a few tracks, like I did!), or by leaving a comment below.



loftninja on 03/20/10 at 02:25PM
these artists should all join the antipop consortium fan network where they can create a profile and upload their remix for more exposure...
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