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jason on 01/24/2011 at 05:00PM

Ami Dang: Bollywood, Baltimore & Beyond

photo courtesy Ehse Records

One of my favorite records so far this year and one that's been in heavy rotation at WFMU comes from Amrita Kaur DangHukam seems to draw as much inspiration from Bollywood and North Indian classical music (she's trained in both voice and sitar) as it does from the fertile sounds of Ami Dang's native Baltimore (home to everything from Nautical Almanac to Scottie B).

Ami Dang eases into her debut release with the stripped down sitar + voice of "Interlace," to which she soon introduces electronic loops and an ominous square-wave drone. The next track, "Manali," blossoms into a layered avant-pop song replete with an Amen Break. Hukam's seven expansive tracks were primarily composed and produced by Ami Dang herself, but also feature a handful of seasoned collaborators. The one who caught my eye was Ilya Monosov (21st Century Punks, Monosov/Swirnoff, Shining Path, Hedonic Islands), whose mixing & production methods are perfect for this unique strain of uncategorizable sound-melding.

Hukam is out on CD, Vinyl, and mp3's via Ehse Records, whose Baltimore-centric catalog also includes records by folk Ric Royer & G. Lucas Crane (Woods), Harrius (Chiara Giovando + Jenny Sheppard of Metalux), Leprechaun Catering (Jason Willett + Tom Boram), and Little Howlin' Wolf. Ehse has an incredible year planned with releases by FMA favorites Angels in America, as well as Dog Leather (a collaboration between DJ Dog Dick and Swen Leather that Nat Roe was just ravin' about on the WFMU blog).

Keep an ear out for more from Ehse and Ami Dang, and/or dig a bit deeper right now, here's a recent profile from the Baltimore City Paper.



GDFX on 02/08/11 at 04:22PM
so good
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