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Dianekamikaze on 11/23/2010 at 02:00AM

Easy Action: Reducing the Live Room to Rubble Reliably

Not long ago I picked up on a gig announcement that Easy Action would be playing The Acheron in Brooklyn on Monday, November 15th...yay! I contacted them immediately and inquired if they'd be interested in playing live on the Fun Machine on the next day; Tuesday the 16th. And so it was. The band, with John Brannon of Negative Approach and Laughing Hyenas on vocals, has a perverted blues-punk EA06 sound that is so mesmerizing you could set your own face on fire and never notice. I've had the pleasure of seeing them play over a dozen times (6 of those shows at SXSW 2 years in a row), and can honestly say there is no pretense or even intention of having, wanting, or needing a stage show with these guys. Brannon is as terrifying as he was in Negative Approach, and sounds even more caustic now, possibly because he's all grown up, and he still howls like an animal fighting for it's life, but this time you know it's premeditated and not simply a reaction to teen angst. EA features the rhythm section of Tony Romeo on bass and Matt Becker on the drums, and Harold Richardson's sick, greasy and intense guitar sound to round off the spectacle. Easy Action just get down and dirty and give their performances the Detroit treatment: 100%-period. They rule, and really-- they can't help it; it's so authentic that it shows. Here is the set fresh off the Free Music Archive; yours to download, yeah, Christmas is early this year. Easy Action also graced the WFMU airwaves in 2005 on the Pat Duncan program, hosted by Andrew Listfield that particular night, and John and Harold also were here for Negative Approach for their Negative Approach's 2008 appearance on Brian Turner's program.

On Tuesday, they arrived at WFMU early, "That's how we roll"; set up their gear, played and left the studio begging for mercy... and at the end of the afternoon after all was said and done, John Brannon, the fiercest voice in the universe, turns around and says to me "here's your pen, Diane." It may not seem like much of a gesture, but this is coming from a man who'd basically bitten off the head of your mother, or would have if she was here; paid homage to and fistfought every drunken gambler, EaEA pimp and derelict either side of the Mississippi; successfully and creatively edited his vocals for the live performance (I said Easy Action are great, but yeah, they're dirty... in the just the right way), and pulled off the most burnt out sounding cover of 10cc's "I'm Not In Love" - remembered that I lent him a pen to write out their set lists with about 4 hours before. Shucks, what do you say about that except, come back soon! It's a crime these guys aren't huge. Send your friends to this site, check out the playlist from the show itself -more photos there- and have them check out Easy Action. It can be your own dirty secret and hopefully one day it will be everybody's. Accompanying are a few shots from the WFMU studio as well as the Acheron show on November 15th.

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jason on 11/19/2010 at 01:10PM

Mutant Punk from Detroit's Human Eye

With Human Eye, frontman Timmy "Vulgar" Lampinen takes the raw punk spirit he brought to his earlier Detroit bands (Clone Defects & Epileptix) and steps into new dimensions that reflect reality through science fiction. So one of the songs they performed live on Talk's Cheap this week is "about goin' to the party store in Hamtramck," while another deals with impregnating the Martian queen.

With deft wah-control, Timmy's guitar transforms into a laser cannon, and he's backed by a team of Detroit all-stars: alien pianist Johnny Lzr also fronts 70s glam-rockers Conspiracy of Owls, whose debut LP on Burger Records is one of Evan "Funk" Davies' top albums of the year (which is an extremely high recommendation if you dig 70s rock, punk and power pop!). Drummer Billy "Hurricane William" Hafer also plays in ET Habit, and The Big Bang, an "adult percussion" group. Bassist Brad Hales runs People's Records, a second-hand shop in Detroit specializing in northern soul (so he sees a lot of Mr Finewine, host of WFMU's Downtown Soulville).

Human Eye's debut full-length was released by In The Red in 2005 and their latest, Fragments of the Universe Nurse, came out on Hook or Crook. They stopped by while in town recording a new 7'' with Ivan Jullian, and jetsetting around playing free shows courtesy of Scion...which is funny, cuz I was just talking the other day about how brands are like the new record labels.

Meanwhile Timmy's Organism -- originally conceived as Timmy Vulgar's solo 4track recording project -- has taken off with a nice set of 7-inches and the brand new Rise of the Green Gorilla LP (on Brooklyn's Sacred Bones label). The organism has blossomed into a three-piece, and plays Brooklyn on Saturday November 20th for "The Return of Detroit" with Tyvek, Terrible Twos, The Mahonies and guest DJ Mick Collins (Gories/Dirtbombs). [details]

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Irwin on 11/15/2010 at 02:00AM

AMANDA: Don't Mess With the Power Child

The "Amanda" recordings have emerged as an unexpected cult sensation on my WFMU program over the past two years. The chronicles feature Amanda Whitt, a growling (think Cookie Monster), defiant pre-pubescent with a Southern twang spewing mayhem over 1980s breakbeats and disjointed shards of pop hits. On some tracks Amanda shrieks while clanging pots & pans. The recordings exude undeniable charm, but there's nothing cute about it. Any sentient adult witnessing this behavior would commence punitive action or summon law enforcement.

Power-child Amanda was recorded between 1986-89 at home in Alabama, between ages 8 and 11, by her older (by 7 or 8 years) brother Joseph (a.k.a. Jody). Joseph and Amanda were a couple of hyperactive kids pretending to be, respectively, a music video director and a child star. Most recordings were captured on cassette, others on video cam, in the lowest of lo-fi. The duo sometimes enlisted friends in the frolics, and often drove their parents crazy (with incidents caught on tape). The most durable performances were titled (e.g., "The Pickle People," "Horrible Hybrid Tulips," "Indian Hoots Echo Baby," "Me Swinging in Cookieland") and compiled on "albums," whose design awkwardly replicated the commercial cassette format. Inserts were pasted up and xeroxed, and collections assigned titles (e.g., Primitive Swagger, Monumental Whopper Turmoil Jam, Empires and 5th Dimension Perspective, and Worship Me). The recordings were not circulated beyond friends.

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amanda, children, alabama, 1980s
Scott_Williams on 11/11/2010 at 03:00PM

Fabulous Diamonds at WFMU Record Fair, 10/24/10

photo of Fabulous Diamonds by adoinel_2000, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license

Melbourne, Australia's Fabulous Diamonds have haunted the periphery of my consciousness from the get-go.  Too subtle to beg or demand notice, their charms are more a natural ooze that works, without trying, to irrevocably attach itself to the listener at the chromosome level.  Which doesn't tell you dick about what they sound like, which is... let's say repetitive, rhythmically propulsive, melodically and harmonically static music that nevertheless is vertically dense and ever-evolving texturally.  Does that help?  Alright, my friend Sarah astutely said "they should've been on that (tribute to the Oneida song) 'Sheets of Easter' compilation"; compares them to Sun Araw and Gary War; and several publications have drawn lines to Blues Control and Naked on the Vague; all of these bands do ring in sympathy with Fabulous Diamonds.

Fabulous Diamonds are actually Nisa Venerosa and Jarrod Zlatic, drummer/singer and keyboardist/saxophonist, respectively.  They've been at this game since about 2007, when they released a 7" on Nervous Jerk, & Mistletone Records and toured the U.S. with longtime FMU faves Psychedelic Horseshit.  By 2008, they'd signed with underground Philadelphia stalwarts Siltbreeze, who have so far released 2 full-lengths by the band - a self-titled slab o'wax, and a CD called "II" on Chapter Music (song titles have yet to enter the picture, and we’re not holding our breath).

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lizb on 11/11/2010 at 07:00AM

Bedroom jams by Henry Hynes

With all the High School Musical, Glee, talent reality shows, and packaged poplets saturating the mainstream media, it almost becomes unfathomable to imagine a teenager creating sophisticated experimental yet melodic compositions these days. Thankfully, Henry Hynes exists.

Not only does this 16-year-old kid play drums in the great NJ band Home Blitz, but he writes great songs, and also volunteers for the FMA from time to time.

Henry recently released a great CD called "The Portal" (Cryptic Carousel), full of home recordings from 2006-2010, and it's been getting a lot of play on WFMU lately. You can check out a sampling of songs from the album here on the FMA. The tunes veer from lo-fi pop to dreamy experimental ramblings and concrete departures, all catchy in a strange otherworldly way.

If you dig Henry's music, I hear he's looking to release some on vinyl...

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new jersey
jason on 11/08/2010 at 08:00AM

Boodle Boy album + Psychic TV concert

flyer for the December 9th Psychic TV show at Europa in Brooklyn, co-presented by Edward O'Dowd

Boodle Boy is the new musical project of Bryin Dall and Edward "Edley" O’Dowd. Their eponymous debut is a deliciously frightening reflection of our world through a funhouse mirror, inverted through an underground sewer system, where found sounds take on a new form amidst post-industrial experimental electronics.

Edley and Bryin were introduced through Genesis Breyer P-Orridge's group Thee Majesty. Edley recently visited WFMU with P-Orridge and Tony Conrad for an improvised performance on Strength Through Failure, which you can check out here on the FMA.

Edley is also the drummer and co producer of Psychic TV / PTV3, which Genesis P-Orridge formed the first incarnation of after Throbbing Gristle. On December 9th, WFMU is co-presenting Psychic TV / PTV3's only stateside show for 2010 at Europa in Brooklyn. Bryin Dall's project 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse will take the main support slot (details here).

Here's a classic Psychic TV live performance on WFMU from 2006:

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lizb on 11/04/2010 at 12:30PM

Dustin Wong flutters across the fretboard

Photo by Mehan (CC by-nc-nd)

Jitters, beauty, and blissed out guitar loop magic all converged on my radio program this week, when Baltimore musician Dustin Wong stopped by for a live set.

Scenes from Dustin's illustrious past include playing guitar in two of my favorite bands of recent years: high-energy spazzers Ponytail and intricate dualing guitar melodists Ecstatic Sunshine. That's one hell of a resume! Amazingly, Dustin's new solo material is equally fantastic as his work in other projects, and it even takes his talent in a new and exciting direction.

Dustin Wong's lovely new album of looped guitar orchestrations is called "Infinite Love: A Square Defining A Circle" (Thrill Jockey); it's a variety pack of sorts guaranteed to earn brownie points with any date, featuring two LPs/CDs entitled "Brother" and "Sister" (which start out the same, but then diverge), plus a DVD.

His performance on my radio show (excerpt below) mirrors the style on "Infinite Love." Layers are added to a simple theme and gradually, pauses are filled with playful harmonies, building a complex and beautiful piece that effortlessly transitions into the next idea. When Dustin performs live, you can almost see a miniature symphony of phantom guitars playing along above his shoulders.

Be sure to catch Dustin live in a city near you -- he's on tour with Avocado Happy Hour and Holy Ghost Party (both of Baltimore), playing everywhere from Vermont to California, and then coming back to the East coast again at the end of November. Tour dates/venues here. Also be sure to check out Dustin's bilingual (English/Japanese) blog. Baltimore music fetishists and those interested in the city's latest "soft music" scene, should swing by Bmore Musically Informed for tons of songs/photos/videos.

The archive of Dustin's full live set on WFMU is available as streaming audio here, along with a short interview.

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BTurner on 11/03/2010 at 08:00PM

Legendary Pink Dots live on WFMU (MP3's)

Kaspel Formed in London in 1980 by mainstays Edward Ka-Spel and Philip Knight and relocated to Amsterdam in 1984, the Legendary Pink Dots have created a massive discography of over 40 LPs, not counting the many Ka-Spel solo outings. On the latest, Seconds Late For the Brighton Line (ROIR) they continue their enduring, abstract, psychedelicized vision that has landed them as somewhat spiritual kin to the likes of Nurse With Wound and Current 93: dark, keyboard-inflected pop, Kraut-informed electronics, acidy industrial soundscapes all meld with Ka-Spel's unique lyrical and vocal stamp. They stopped by WFMU's studios to play on my show and also played live at Le Poisson Rouge in New York on October 29th and Irving Plaza on Halloween. The Dots continue south then west, check out the 30th Anniversary tour dates here. The lineup today: Edward Ka-Spel, the Silverman, Erik Drost, engineering Raymond Steeg. For more info on the LPD's see their site, also find their music at outlets like Soileilmoon, Beta-Lactam Ring, and ROIR. Thanks to Flloyd for the Dots-personalized baked goods and photo from the FMU visit!

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legendary pink dots
jason on 11/02/2010 at 01:33PM

"this song's about how the tea party movement's like Ronald Reagan wearing a Dead Kennedys t-shirt" by PUJOL

Daniel Pujol writes energetic garage-punk anthems channeling the classic vibes of his hometown, Nashville TN aka Music City USA... but the venn diagram between the 25-year-old songwriter and the Grand Ole Opry doesn't stretch much further than a shared affinity for Telecaster guitars. Pujol cut his teeth on the other side of town, perhaps equally inspired by music from the other Athens of the South, working at Domino's while "Little Richard drives around in a stretch hummer and hands out books about Jesus" (that's a quote from our radio interview). All the while he's been cramming stream-of-consciousness lyrics like a contemporary philosopher into infectious hooks perfect for raisin' a fist to the air.

After playing in countless local bands (including Meemaw, Wizardz, and Denny & The Jets) Daniel Pujol's eponymous solo project has really taken flight this year -- or hit the road, rather -- with several van-powered tours through the NY/NJ area. I've seen 'em three times this year and they keep getting better. The lineup's shifted around a bit but seems to finally be gelling with Sean Thompson on guitar, Joey Scala on bass, and Adam Tanaka on drums. They were jamming on a kraut/boogie-rock riff during soundcheck, hinting at what the future might hold even beyond this incredible live session recorded which aired on my WFMU radio show:

I hope this session helps Pujol's music reach an audience beyond Nashville, where he's already the toast of the town. Local fans already include Nashville transplant Jack White, whose Third Man venue played host to a live Pujol gig that is now available on 12'' vinylThird Man also released a Pujol 7'' produced by the White Stripe himself. Pujol's discography already includes releases on Infinity Cat Recordings, the label run by local dudes Jeff The Brotherhood. And a new 7'' helped launch the Turbo Time imprint, run by Jonas Stein of Turbo Fruits and Be Your Own Pet.

Oh, and if you're wondering what these songs are about, check out the intros!

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jason on 11/01/2010 at 06:30PM

new LP from Dan Melchior: Catbirds & Cardinals

The new Dan Melchior Und Das Menace album, Catbirds & Cardinals, was going to be released on vinyl later this year. But unfortunately those plans fell through, so Dan contacted us, and of course we were more than happy to debut his new LP here on the Free Music Archive:

Dan Melchior is a universal favorite here at WFMU (he's played here 4x!). Last year, he gifted the FMA with a batch of unreleased rarities (one of which, 'deep fried circuits', has reappeared on Catbirds & Cardinals).

This latest LP was recorded solo in the ex-Londoner/ex-NewYorker's current homebase of Durham, North Carolina. With psychedelic fuzz and lyrical wit, it ups the ante on what has already been an excellent year in Melchior.

For those craving Das Menace on vinyl, did you catch the Visionary Pangs 12'' LP? It came out in September on S.S Records, where you can also find 2009's 2xLP Thank You Very Much. Also this year, the UK's Savoury Days imprint released the "A Celebration of Middlesex" split 7" w/ the Pheromoans.

I had the chance to catch Dan Melchior Und Das Menace live earlier this year, with a lineup that included Anthony Allman of El Jesus de Magico on keys, and will be featured on future recordings...

>> Dan Melchior Home Page
>> Dan Melchior FMA Profile

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