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ange on 09/09/2013 at 02:05PM

Music for Video: Back to School

The colors outside are changing, and this collection of driving rock, electronic and experimental pop instrumentals are here to help tell stories of change and progress.

This is a Music for Video collection for tucking away your swimsuit, taking out a fresh pencil, and getting back to work. Click on the artist names to visit their page on the Free Music Archive. Many of them can be contacted there for more permissions, or to simply share a link to your new creations.

1. krackatoa (websiteCC BY-NC-SA) - Starting a journey and looking cool doing it. This song title and album art refers to the story of Noah's ark, and the track appropriately evokes sonic waves and a sense of fulfilling one's destiny.

2. Los Amparito (websiteCC BY-NC-SA) - The beginning of this song is an echo of chimes (perfect for a bumper), and then stereo dueling guitars take over. You won't get sick of this song no matter how many times you play it.

3. Fields of Ohio (website, CC BY-SA) - Steady driving drums begin this song and lock you in. Then faint voices emerge repeating something that sounds like, "tomorrow." Turn this on when you have homework to begin and want to fall into a productive trance.

4. Peter Gresser (websiteCC0) - A funky jam that makes you want to pick up a joystick or leap on a treadmill. Licensed for the public domain via the Open Game Bundle, you can do whatever you'd like with this track including using it in your video games.

5. MrJuan (websiteCC BY) - Giggle! This is a study break dance track for hip shaking and head nodding. Things are going well, and energy abounds.

6. Thiaz Itch (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - An intriguing flute kicks off this track and tells a story throughout. Many other instruments emerge, including a delightful güiro. This song is part of an album perfect for using in cartoons or animated shorts.


7. Podington Bear (websiteCC BY-NC) - The most perfect track in this mix for talking over. It's nostalgic and sweet, almost cleansing, with a hint of sadness.

8. Aaron Ximm (websiteCC BY-NC-SA) - With a joyful momentum from the Hang drum, this song takes you on a journey. It has the title, "Angela Climbs a Boulder at Horn Creek, the Sun Sets, the Bat Flies By," but don't let the new-agey title scare you away. As you approach the end of this track, the song's momentum starts to miss itself, and you wonder if it's been telling your story all along. 

9. BOPD (websiteCC BY-NC) - Soundtrack artist BOPD prepared this track for the Piehole theater group in April 2013 for the play Old Paper Houses. It captures the intrigue of a stage performance, transporting listeners into a dark (and so very cold) room to hear the leitmotifs take shape.

10. CJ Lavoire (websiteCC BY-NC-SA) - Titled 'The First of the Year" there is no denying the forward momentum of this fuzzy track. Listen to this song on headphones, and you won't be able to keep yourself from walking someplace. Horoscope says it's time to start something new.

11. Revolution Void (websiteCC BY) - Turntablists delight, this jazzy trance track will spin you all over the place.

12. Origamibiro (websiteCC BY-NC-SA) - Sometimes I think there should be an entire genre of electronic music called "songs of looking out the windows of moving vehicles." The train is leaving the station, and there's no going back.


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hingehead on 09/09/13 at 10:39PM
Download album not working opens new blank tab with URL but nothing happens.
andrea on 09/09/13 at 10:56PM
Thanks for pointing this out! We're looking into a fix. In the meantime you can click the "Download Album" button on this page to get a .zip file:
hingehead on 09/10/13 at 02:25AM
Awesome, thank you.
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