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ange on 10/24/2013 at 06:00PM

Music for Video: Horror Soundtrack Music for Producers

Leanne Surfleet/Flickr

After you've wiped all the makeup off your zombie actor friends, it's time for the real scarey part -- picking out music for your Horror flick. Music to Video has assembled a mix that will send shivers down your spine, make all the ghouls dance, and get grandma to climb out of her grave, just to tell you to turn down the volume.

Here's a trick! Try mixing these tracks with the Prelinger Archives for a real treat. May I suggest their footage of a Halloween Party or Experiments in the Revival of Organisms


1. Lee Rosevere (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - The music has a heavy-handed foreboding feeling, as if it was used in a lost episode of David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

2. The Waiters (website, CC BY) - Ticking clocks set the rhythm of this track, before it enters the Twilight Zone. Dark guitars emerge about halfway through.

3. Kevin MacLeod (website, CC BY) - Classical music for your next gala affair in an empty castle, with a ghostly guestlist.

4. Weirdomusic (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - Wet music for inside the lab of a mad scientist.

5. Vitus Von Degen (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - Baron Vitus Von Degen is a German composer who lives on a Grecian island. Inspired by John Carpenter and Goblin music, he produces soundtracks for movies still awaiting to be shot. The first 20 seconds of this track are a movie of their own.

6. Kreng (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - Dark electronic music meets jazz. A child whispers the command, "Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep, little baby."

7. Black Math (website, CC BY) - Black Math is a trio from Chicago making lo-fi darkwave. Good music for a skeleton race on fixed gear bicycles through Pilsen.

8. Dylan Palme (website, CC BY-SA) - Circuit bending from Hell, with horror movie/record samples.

9. Possimiste (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - A large heart beats, a giant whispers in your ear, and dark melodies rise to welcome nightfall.

10. Z'EV (website, CC BY-NC) - Not your mama's trick or treating music. This is a movement from an Avant-Garde symphony that's so dark and stirring that your whole body will tense up and you'll feel like someone's watching you.

11. Volcano the Bear (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - Music for a slow zombie ambling towards some other-worldly ceremonial invocation. A distorted chorus begins their serenade about 2 minutes into this track.

12. Prolepse (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - Dark and minimal ambient Portuguese electro.

13. Silver Process (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - Great music for looking at natural disasters from space. Taken from a live performance, this soundtrack was used in a recent video of Hurricane Sandy on Gizmodo.

Before using any Creative Commons music for a project, you need to make sure you follow the track's license in order to avoid copyright infringement. You can read more about the various Creative Commons license combinations here, and check out our help and faq for more information. If you're not sure whether your use is pre-cleared by a particular license, it's always a good idea to reach out to the artist directly. Click the "i" button below to view the license along with a URL or email address where you can secure 'more permissions.'


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This series is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.



yairyona on 10/14/13 at 01:47PM
This is just incredible!
02 on 02/06/16 at 05:19PM
nice work !! Love it !!!
wowfr on 04/09/16 at 02:54PM
Can I use this in a movie without promblem ?
wowfr on 04/09/16 at 02:54PM
and without spending money
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