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herr_professor on 11/24/2009 at 08:47AM

Super Maniacs!!!!

Hally by rhythmsift

We take a slight detour on our road to Blip Festival, with this Japanese compilation featuring tracks from former Blip performer Hally. TCTD staff writer Lazerbeat has the details:

"The X68000 was a short lived ('87-'93) home computer released by Sharp in Japan. The sound engine is the Yamaha YM2151, programmed using the x68's MML language. Anyone looking for a similar sound might want to try the Yamaha FB-01 which uses a virtually identical sound chip.

Many fans in Japan still make music on the Sharp x68000, one such group is Ground Zero, who compiled this release. FM Ongen (meaning "sound source") Super Maniacs is a fairly old compliation dating back to around 1999-2000. Originally only an extremely limited numbers of CDRs were produced so were are very proud to be able to share this collection with you. A couple of names are probably familiar to old school fans of the Japanese scene and the rest might be less well known. Either way, its just under 45 minutes of awesome tunes with an FM driven Gabber feel.

Take a look at youtube user SH2ARP's account for some trippy music videos for most of the songs and check the Ground Zero website for a truck load more x68000 music."

And speaking of Blip, we have announed a video contest for a chance to get free passes and to have your video screened at the festival. More details here! Enjoy this hally track, and see you in seven!



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