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herr_professor on 05/25/2010 at 08:55AM

Mondo Trash80

Photo credit: M. Becker

With summer just around the corner, its time to get less aggressive with these chip music things, and get into good old fashioned summer jams. Perhaps the earliest US chip music artist to embrace the idea of creative commons releases was California's Timothy Lamb, aka Trash80. As a member of the 8bitpeoples collective he has released a number of online recordings, including this weeks featured EP, Icarus.

 A bit of a Renascence man, Lamb not only is a talented musican, with his smooth dance flavored tracks, but a programmer, graphic artist and hardware designer. Projects like his "Prosound Mod" to improve audio output on the Nintendo Game Boy opened the door on on a whole slew of mods to make the corporate toy more suitable for the trenches of club warfare, and his software and hardware projects like Arduinoboy, OKi Computer, and ChipSynth has made it possible for all kinds of crazy chip sound integration into the "pro" producers setup.

Above all his music is the most impressive, as showcased below on Icarus. Check out why TCTD picked it as the best release of 2008, and we will see you again in seven.



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