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herr_professor on 09/29/2009 at 10:14AM


By Jesse Turnbull

Whatever the cause, most chipmusic is made by artists who are making their first forays into music. It is rarer to have an artist who has found success in other genres to make the leap into the relatively smaller chiptune niche. Jeremy Kolosine, who records his Game Boy and Nintendo DS based music as Receptors first found success in his Florida-based Electro-Rock group Futurisk in the early 80s. The group is perhaps now best remembered for their track Meteoright, which was reintroduced to many through a DFA remix comp in the early 2000's. But in years since that landmark single, Kolosine was not idle and gradually he found himself drawn to making music on tiny PDA's, pocket sized stylophones and eventually, the Nintendo Game Boy. Despite coming from a much different background than many other artists in the scene, Kolosine immediately understood the similarities between the basic sounds and composition driven focus of his chipmusic peers and that of the early synthrock pioneers like DAF, Devo, and Kraftwerk.

Quickly becoming active in the community. Kolosine organized and appeared on the 8bit Operators Kraftwerk Tribute on Astralwerks in 2007, and is currently working on a Beatles themed followup, currently available online for preview on the 8bit Operators site. Lest you think Receptors has become an 8bit covers focused Rolf Harris-type character, he also continues to make great original music, and this week on the FMA we feature groKwork, an ep released last year which features tracks produced entirely on the the Nintendo DS using a program named KORG DS-10, one of the first commercially released software for portable game systems. While the DS doesn't have the same processing power of your laptop (or any laptop released in the last 20 years for that matter), Kolosine is able to push the software to its utmost, with a driving electro intensity and pop savvy that holds up under repeated listenings. Enjoy this sample track, and be sure to check out the rest of the release, and his extensive online catalog. Catch you in seven!



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