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herr_professor on 02/16/2010 at 09:00AM

Floppy Party

the musicdisk.

The history of chip music pretty much starts within the demoscene. As the sceners progressed from hacking existing games, showcasing their crews prowess in the loading screen to eventually making technically excellent standalone demo applications that pushed the limits of hardware, one thing that became constant was the progression from music out of the background to being a featured part of these productions. By the time the concept of Music Disks took shape, the musical compositions had become quite sophisticated. Some years later after the broadband internet era cut down on the appeal of these tiny floppy sized albums, the netlabel Backtrack decided for their first release to make a Windows music disc, named iHyper. The program is pretty simple. As the music plays, beat synced graphics are played that thematically match the action of the music. The sequence-like nature of the tracker file formats allow you to do lots of cool graphical effects rhythmically, so some music disks can be a tiny chip concert in your room (or at least a game minus the game play).
 iHyper seems to have been made by chip music veterans and neophytes alike, with tracks from Nagz, Zinger, and Zabutom, as well as a host of (at that time) newcomers. It has seemed to pass mustard from demoscene veterans judging by the reception on its Pouet page, a notoriously tough crowd when it comes to technical song composition and graphic design. If you are interested in finding more demo scene productions and music disks, Pouet is a good place to start, but until then check out the audio uploaded here, or better yet run the music disk found here at, and catch you guys next time.

valzi - "asbestos" (03:17)
valzi - "asbestos" (03:17)


jason on 02/16/10 at 05:41PM
this is rad! when was it originally released?
herr_professor on 02/16/10 at 06:08PM
pouet sez sept of 2004.
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