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herr_professor on 11/02/2010 at 08:31AM

Facets of Time

Regular readers of the column will know by now that Pause is indeed an awesome spot for next level, proggy weirdo beardy chip music, but you can go even MORE technical and more left field over at their peers, Russian netlabel Ubiktune

The label is a mix of chiptune legends and newer innovators, and the first album of theirs on the FMA is Teleidofusion's debut, Around Past.

The band is the project of Ubiktune label honcho C-jeff and partner Megus, and the music is a spicy mix of progressive, jazz, classic chiptune, and heavy riffage, some of which you can view in their Moscow performance above. Both artists have a long history in the chiptune and demoscene, and they bring that history and their considerable chops to bear on all ten tracks of their release. Check out the video above, and some of the songs below and join us back here in seven for more from the world of chip music. 

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