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herr_professor on 10/05/2010 at 10:03AM

Detroit Rot City

In all our discussion about competitions the last few weeks, we shouldn't forget to mention Battle of the Bits. The website is a kind of chipmusic/breakcore/social networking anarchism that is the result of many years of hard work from its developer, chip musician Baron Knoxburry. BOTB Compos tend to be the some of the biggest tents in the world of chipmusic, with classic game style reproductions nestled amongst experimental lofi noodling and everything else conceivable under the chip noise sun .

The Baron's own music can be as eclectic as some of the BOTB compos, with varying degrees of chip blips, profane samples, ukulele, funk bass and other oddities that would be probably more at home on a Beefheart tribute than what you'd might expect from a typical chip music release. One need only sample Ready 4 Battle Run Santyx Error, a collection of various BOTB releases, to realize that electronic music has yet again burped up another new genre that can be best described as Chip-Skronk

Enjoy the following tracks with caution, mortals, and catch us back here in seven days for more chipmusic mayhem. Taa-taa!



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