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herr_professor on 11/09/2010 at 09:38AM

Conditions of Control

Tholen, center.

Jay Tholen is certainly one of the more unique voices in the world of chip music. A platform that has struggled to have an intelligent message or voice, has already seen a number of interesting concept releases from the young artist. It is his most recent release on the previously covered Ubiktune label that is probably his most interesting to date.

Control Me is an "honest expression of my love for the Gospel", whose description make the secular hipsters amongst us snicker in derision, but the results belie his convictions, both musically and spiritually. The songs are lusciously produced and peppered with eclectic instrumentation, and the gospels therein are of a decidedly personal and unique expression.

One need only sample the included selections such as the sprawling "Hashivenu", the ambient sounds of "Prayer", and the blippy banjos of "Be Alright" show this is a remarkably inventive and sprawling declaration of love for both music and spirituality. Check out the release on the FMA, and catch you back here in seven days for more chip music favorites.


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