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jason on 04/26/2011 at 12:51AM

Roulette Moving to Brooklyn // Easy Not Easy Festival Archives

Roulette, the major New York City venue for experimental contemporary music and intermedia art, is a key resource for established and emerging artists alike. Over three decades, Roulette has built an international reputation that is enhanced by projects like Roulette TV (mirrored on Vimeo and UBUWeb) and the amazing Roulette Concert Archive with streaming audio recordings dating back to 1981. While a Free Music Archive collaboration is in the works, Roulette's non-profit staff has their hands full as the venue prepares to leave Manhattan in favor of an incredible Art Deco theater in downtown Brooklyn (check out New Roulette) that will serve as Roulette's new permanent home. Coupled with ISSUE Project Room's pending move to nearby 110 Livingston, Downtown Brooklyn is about to become the place for experimental live performance.

Roulette eases into Free Music Archive curation with a fantastic set of recordings from EASY NOT EASY, a three night festival held in October to help raise funding and awareness for Roulette's new space. Curators Matt Mehlan (Skeletons) & Doron Sadja (MIRRORGATE, West Nile) asked a wide array of NYC's most exciting young artists to compose a series of "simple" new scores, as well as to perform scores by more established artists like John Zorn and Robert Ashley.

The EASY NOT EASY FMA Collection includes composers like Dan Deacon, Pauline Oliveros, Justin Frye (PC Worship), and Matana Roberts. Each night featured a different performing lineup, which included some staples of the New York experimental music scene who are already familiar to the Free Music Archive, like Richard Garet, Ben Greenberg (Hubble)Katherine Young, C. Spencer Yeh, Sam Hillmer (Zs), and many more:

Listen and join us in looking forward to what the future holds for Roulette!



jason on 04/26/11 at 08:54PM
related news: Easy Not Easy Festival curator Matt Mehlan's Skeletons project has a new album out TODAY from Crammed Discs, Sockets (LP), and his own Shinkoyo imprint. It's called 'People' and here's a promo track:
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