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theradius on 11/07/2016 at 01:12PM

Radius PATCH 15: Time

Radius PATCH is a series of curated playlists selected from the Radius episode archive. Each playlist is organized around a specific topic or theme that engages the tonal and public spaces of the electromagnetic spectrum. PATCH serves as a platform to illuminate the questions, concerns, and complexities of and within radio-based art practices.

Episode 39: Jesse Eric Schmidt

Scan, the default tool, which is available on most vehicle radios, is used in Scanning not as a temporary method of searching, but as an experience in itself. If this mode is no longer used as only a practical means for biased programming, but is acknowledged as an end in itself, then a rhythmic modular inventory is generated that presents living chunks of broadcasted zeitgeist. Scanning consists of continuous replays of Chicago FM station scans from the very immediate past.

Episode 69: Brandon Bauer

The sound collage Transmission: Hectic Mix was originally created in 1999 and conceived for a pirate radio broadcast on the eve of the year 2000. The work is a collage of radio broadcasts, analog media and film samples, static, and noise textures that reflects the apocalyptic discourse surrounding the turn of the millennium while offering voices of hope and resistance.

Episode 71: Paul Kayhart

Paul Kayhart’s Night was completed at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) in 2013. The broad intent of the work is to evoke a psychological sense of nighttime. With threads running through the piece that are mystifying, forlorn, frightening, or intriguing, the soundscape aims to conjure a sense of interrupted dreams, nightmares, and the rush of thoughts and worries that often accompany a sleepless night.

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