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jason on 06/28/2011 at 12:30PM

Primavera Sound 2011 New Adds: Aias, Glenn Branca, Fresh & Onlys, Moon Duo, No Joy, Soft Moon

No Joy live at Primavera Sound

Last week, we kicked off a collection of recordings from WFMU's two days of Primavera Sound coverage with Prince Rama, Swans, Oneohtrix Point Never, Suicide, Pissed Jeans, The Monochrome Set, Ducktails, Half Japanese.

This week, we bring you six more from Barcelona's incredible multi-day / multi-stage music festival! Check out free artist-approved mp3s by...

glenn branca @ primavera sound 2011* Barcelona's own Aias! Gaia, Laia, and Miriam were inspired to start a band after seeing the Vivian Girls at Primavera Sound a couple years back, and they sing in Catalan (not Spanish!), which is the language of Catalonia. Captured Tracks released their record A La Piscina, and the three-piece was joined by guests on saxophone for this Primavera Sound set
  >> Aias live at Primavera Sound

* Legendary downtown NYC avant-garde composer Glenn Branca is the conductor of the Glenn Branca Ensemble (pictured). This 4guitar, + bass & drums supergroup performed The Ascension: The Sequel (2010's follow up to Branca's seminal 1981 release The Ascension) in its entirety, and the FMA hosts four selections from this performance
  >> Glenn Branca Ensemble live at Primavera Sound).

* The Fresh & Onlys from San Francisco! Led by the prolific songwriter (and former hip hop artist!) Tim Cohen on guitar/vox + all-around positive force in music Shayde Sartin (Skygreen Leopards, Kelley Stoltz, Teenage Panzercorps, the band is in top form
  >> Fresh & Onlys live at Primavera Sound

Moon Duo - Primavera Sound 2011 (Barcelona) el 26/05/2011* WFMU & KEXP faves Moon Duo (Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips + Sanae Yamada, pictured) bring the new psychedelic sounds of San Francisco to Spain, with jams off their new Sacred Bones release Mazes
  >> Moon Duo live at Primavera Sound

* Montreal's dual female-fronted 4-piece noise-poppers No Joy! Scott Williams was telling me that the whole set, they sounded like a shoegazin' Mary Weiss, and then they closed with "He Cried!" Check out their debut LP Ghost Blond (Mexican Summer).
  >> No Joy live at Priamvera Sound

* The Soft Moon, a project of California's Luis Vasquez, performs live with a full band. "Tiny Spiders" closes his s/t debut on Captured Tracks, and capped off a set of dark 80s-inspired angular post-pop.
  >> The Soft Moon live at Primavera Sound

:: Primavera Sound 2011 on WFMU (full mp3 collection)

// Stay tuned as we'll be adding even more sets next week!



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