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phoningitin on 07/07/2010 at 11:15PM

Slowly But Surely...

Slowly but surely I'm uploading highlights from the all of the Phoning It In episodes recorded to date, over the course of three radio stations, five hosts, and 500+ guests from three continents. Recent uploads include:

-Some really unhinged blues from John Roundcity & Dooley Wilson;
-The Magnetic-Fields-on-banjo stylings of The Harvey Girls;
-Teenbeat legends Mark Robinson and Evelyn Hurley's latest project, Cotton Candy;
-Folk punk's finest, Madeline;
-Goat Bell's Chicago hardcore;
-Mild Winter's country lullabies;
-And Derek Joe Brockett's heavy-as-sin country dirges.

Still to come: Blevin Blectum, Lou Barlow, Cryptacize, Shark Toys, and more, more, more!



pleonasm! on 08/30/10 at 04:34AM
Pleonasm here. throw me an email at I live with ken edwards from Carnivorous Birds and even share email addresses with him. He is happy to contact you if interested in his musical services.
Love, C Cummings
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