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macedonia on 02/27/2010 at 12:35PM

Percussion Lab is in the building. Somebody say HELL YEAH...

game changer, boundary pusher, thy name is Percussion Lab...

It's not like happy days weren't already here at the FMA, but you gotta stand up and take notice when the forward-thinking heads over at Percussion Lab come through on some curator status.  If you've been to their website, you already know that electronic music is in trustworthy and loving hands just by sampling a few of their DJ and live sets.  Our Lady of Clicks, Cuts, Bleeps, and Bloops has blessed the Archive something serious with their generosity.  They have already uploaded fantastic live recordings from the likes of Daedelus, Caural, Machinedrum, Ezekiel Honig, and Percussion Lab head honcho Praveen, just to name a few.

For the purposes of this entry, I'm going to shed light on a DJ set that remains a favorite of mine.  Letherette first dropped this gem of a mix over a year ago and it remains as engaging and hypnotic as the day it first hit the Web.  It is a collection of beat sketches and unfinished instrumental thoughts, fragmented sentences that run into each other and suggest moments of poignancy, paranoia, and the butterflies that sit in your stomach when you're around that special someone.  It's a head-nodding good time and I've been fiending for their debut release ever since, which has yet to drop. 

(Praveen, seriously, I know you've got connections.  Tell them Letherette boys to quit holdin' out on that heat.  Two thousand ten is their year...)

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User Comments

jason on 02/27/10 at 08:42PM
Couldn't be more excited to welcome Percussion Lab to the FMA -- Macedonia you beat me to it!

So many gems at, but this Leatherette set is new to me...great Saturday afternoon listening
macedonia on 02/27/10 at 11:43PM
in the post-Dilla beat generation age, this mix never gets old. James Yancey is smiling to himself whenever someone plays this...
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