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katya-oddio on 07/06/2012 at 08:00PM

For Human Consumption

Musician and composer Ant Neely made the release of his first solo album, Not Fit For Human Consumption, a global experiment by leaving copies of the CD in public locations for people to find, copy, and then leave someplace else. He originally tracked the movement of his album on his site with help from those who copied and distributed it. One copy of this album traveled all over the United Kingdom then moved on to Africa, and another hopped from England to Brazil.

Neely's bandmate from Los Angeles-based experimental jazz trio Subthunk, singer Lisa Moore, performs vocals on the first track "with a mixture of funky beats, bleeps, old public domain voice recordings and orchestral textures." Not Fit For Human Consumption covers multiple genres of electronica and incorporates samples from the Prelinger Archives.



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