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Noise_Problems on 05/17/2012 at 12:57PM

Sub-culture at Purple Pop

Purple Pop was a one time event (at least till now, you never know) held at the OCCII in Amsterdam and was seen as an alternative to...Pinkpop the major festival which this year is headlining such acts as The Cure and Bruce Springsteen. Great stuff we all love the classics but not everyone can afford it and for those fans of sub- and counter-culture they could "pick up their hearts and dance until the early hours at Purple Pop." (Pinkpop finishes at 01.00 sharp wtf?!).

Purple Pop took place on May 28, 2010 in Amsterdam. The festival was an iniciative from the producers who also organized the “Anti-Lowlands Festival" a year before, which was very successful and sold-out as a lot of people got the "anti" statement...but then a lot didn’t.

"We did Purple Pop deliberately the same weekend as Pinkpop. Were not per se anti-Pinkpop but want to offer resistance to the big commercial festivals and to give a fun place to indie bands who, like the big acts, deserve attention and showcase. The independent music scene in Amsterdam is quite small. Everyone has had enough of so little selection of authentic sub-cultural music. As with Anti-Lowlands, Purplepop is a network of like-minded people." Yes...Go Purple Pop!

The festival started early with veggie dinner at the MKZ restaurant behind the OCCII where acoustic bands were playing. Highlights went to the Suicidal Birds acoustic set of guitar and contrabass. Line up for the evening on the main stage was all awesome bands Apneu, Red the Planeeet, Pattern Cut-off and The Stutters.



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