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wmmberger on 06/14/2012 at 10:11PM

You've Got the Cutest Little Plague Face; The Gate LIVE on My Castle of Quiet

Wm. Berger / Tracy Widdess

The Gate, at first glance, are an improvisational / jazz trio, but with information freely flowing in from punk and metal (Brian Osborne drummed with Wretched Worst for their very memorable Castle session last March; bassist Tom Blancarte, also a black metal fan) and horror films (tuba player Dan Peck, in addition to being a fan of black metal et al., is also a horror and cult-film buff), their sound offers doomy vistas, and cinematic, creeped-out passages, as well as hearty improv energy.

This live set runs the gamut of rhythmic / tonal delights, and the listener likewise easily escapes any preconceptions about what a tuba, bass and drum trio might be able to pull off. "Plague Face" will bring to mind Alan Silva and BYG Actuel, as often as it does European B-film music. At just over 47 minutes, this set is a real treat for fans of the "out." Mp3 hotspot > 18 mins.

(music just below the break)

Thanks to Diane Kamikaze for doing a great job with the sound, man-oh-man is it sharp and chunky, and to Tracy Widdess for her appropriately gloomy modification of my band photo. Most of all thanks to Dan, Tom and Brian. Formerly known as The Dan Peck Trio, their debut LP on Heat Retention comes highly recommended (this Pop‑up will take you to a sample from a previous My Castle of Quiet show), as well as their new CD as The Gate, Destruction of Darkness, on Carrier RecordsPop‑up.



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