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wmmberger on 10/19/2012 at 09:00AM

An Iron Broom to Sweep The Earth: Grafvolluth Live

©Wm. Berger / Tracy Widdess

If you want hard blast-beats that under-ride high melodic guitar figures, vocals that seem to scream up an impossibly deep Norwegian well, and slower, lurching sections that evoke anthemic, latter-era Bathory, you need look no further than Grafvolluth. They do an incredible job honoring the traditional Scandinavian Black Metal sound of the early 90s.

As someone who caught up with the genre a few years late, I was initially blown away by the incredible variety of what passed as "black metal," and records like Ulver's Nattens Madrigal, as well as Carpathian Forest's Black Shining Leather, blew my mind and ears, as I walked home from the BART station around Lake Merritt in Oakland, hugging my Discman, and saying hails to the birds. ...It was an honor for me personally then, to host Grafvolluth, as their music takes me back to this initial enthusiasm I had for black metal—while still being very new, raw, original, and in its way, distinctly US-made.

Because Grafvolluth played a continuous set, with only feedback and four-counts separating the songs, I opted to post this great set as one continuous mp3, the individual titles inclusive in the file tagging. This session is even more so of note for featuring two new songs, "Halarunas" and the instant BM anthem (on the level of Nargaroth's "Black Metal ist Krieg") - "We Carry the Hammer." This entire set (the other songs culled from the Long Live Death! full-length on Regimental Recs.), but especially that last song, is the type of stuff that will make you want to run around and crash into the walls, in a delirious pit of one.

Diane Kamikaze did her usual amazing job of capturing the band for radio readiness, with special attention paid to getting a great, representative sound on Tyrinn's tortured, necrotized vocals. ...and thanks as always to Tracy Widdess of Brutal Knitting, for spinning shit into gold with my band photo (bass player off camera, apologies!)

Many thanks to the band for playing and to Joe at Regimental for helping make this session happen.



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