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10khrs on 02/19/2013 at 09:56AM

New Tracks: Thomas Buckner & L'Art Pour L'Art

This Thursday, Interpretations presents an evening of intensely focused music from baritone vocalist Thomas Buckner, with Hamburg-based new music specialists L’Art Pour L’Art. Baritone Thomas Buckner welcomes Hamburg-based L’Art Pour L’Art, (celebrating 30 years as an active ensemble). Taking a look at John Cage’s influence on the European experimental tradition, the evening features Cage’s “Four6”, Christian Wolff’s “Edges”, and three works from European composers: Matthias Kaul’s “Thinking About Air… A Song” and “Games for 5”, & Helmut Oehring’s “Philipp”.


In anticipation of this concert, we are offering a new track:  "Silence Is My Voice", composed by Matthias Kaul, and performed by Thomas Buckner with L'Art Pour L'Art.  We've also included a couple other related tracks: Thomas Buckner and friends performing Christian Wolff's "37 Haiku" and an improvisation between Buckner and Jerome Bourdellon, Dalila Khatir, and Roscoe Mitchell. We hope you enjoy!



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