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10khrs on 12/09/2013 at 04:15AM

New Tracks: Ilgenfritz & Van Houdt with Braxton, Oliveros, Marclay, López

On Thursday December 12, Interpretations presents an evening of premieres and classic works from distinctive solo instrumentalists. Bassist James Ilgenfritz presents solo and chamber music by Anthony Braxton & Pauline Oliveros, plus two world premieres by Annie Gosfield, and JG Thirlwell, and an improvisation with Jason Ponce. Esoteric pianist Reinier Van Houdt presents the US Premiere of Italian avant-garde composer Walter Marchetti’s new solo piano work Concerto per la Mano Sinistra in un Solo Movimento (Concerto for the Left Hand in One Movement).

Interpretatons would like to share some works by these artists! James Ilgenfritz on two tracks, one performing the music of Anthony Braxton, and one performing duo with Pauline Oliveros. Reinier Van Houdt can be heard on two tracks, performing music by Christian Marclay and Francisco López.


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edstone on 12/14/13 at 03:17PM
looks very interesting
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