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10khrs on 01/27/2015 at 02:31AM

Music from Bozzini Quartet and String Noise

The 26th Season of Interpretations continues in January 2015, with an exciting evening of music for strings, featuring the Montreal based Bozzini Quartet and New York’s premiere violin duo, String Noise (Pauline Kim Harris, Conrad Harris).

In anticipation of this concert, here are two tracks featuring these great ensembles:  String Noise performs a violin duo by Wandelweiser composer Jurg Frey, and the Bozzini Quartet performs music by Canadian composer Nicole Lizée.

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10khrs on 10/16/2014 at 08:00AM

New Music from John King and Michael Byron!

On October 23, Interpretations presentstwo major premieres built around string quartets from two distinctive composers from New York's Downtown scene. John King presents "Free Palestine", with Neil Dufallo's A Secret Quartet, and  Michael Byron presents "The Celebration", with The FLUX Quartet plus pianist Joseph Kubera and baritone Thomas Buckner. 

In anticipation of this great concert, we are offering two interesting works from these two composers: Michael Byron's "A Bird Revealing the Unknown to the Sky" (performed by Joseph Kubera), and a selection from John King's "Free Palestine". Please also enjoy these two videos featuring the two composers discussing their upcoming works.

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10khrs on 03/12/2014 at 01:15AM

New Tracks: Tim Brady & Thomas Buckner

On Thursday March 20, baritone Thomas Buckner joins Montreal-based ensemble Bradyworks, premiering new works by Tim Brady & Australian composers Erik Griswold & John Encarnacao. Also included are works by Christian Wolff, John Cage, & Annea Lockwood. Bradyworks, led by guitarist/composer Tim Brady, includes bass clarinetist Lori Freedman & violist Pemi Paull. They join Buckner to form a quartet that will premiere new commissions on a tour that includes New York, Montreal, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Australia.

In anticipation of this event, Interpretations would like to share some audio from Tim Brady and Thomas Buckner. Enjoy!

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10khrs on 02/17/2014 at 02:00AM

New Works from Joan La Barbara & Bruce Gremo

Joan La Barbara On Thursday February 20, Interpretations presents two great artists: Joan La Barbara and Bruce Gremo. Both present new acoustic and electroacoustic works.  Joan La Barbara presents a solo performance, featuring her distinctive vocal techniques, both unaccompanied and adorned with an electronic sound atmosphere in Windows, inspired by the dreams & visions of sculptor Joseph CornellBruce Gremo presents solo and duo works blending eastern and western woodwind sonorities  with interactive electronic processing, using his unique electronic flute controller, the Cilia, as well as the shakuhachi & glissando flute; with Hu Jianbing on sheng.

We are sharing two tracks from these artists - One of Bruce Gremo performing solo on his insturment The Cilia, and one from "Angels, Demons, and other Muses", Joan La Barbara's previous presentation on the Interpretations Series.

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10khrs on 12/09/2013 at 04:15AM

New Tracks: Ilgenfritz & Van Houdt with Braxton, Oliveros, Marclay, López

On Thursday December 12, Interpretations presents an evening of premieres and classic works from distinctive solo instrumentalists. Bassist James Ilgenfritz presents solo and chamber music by Anthony Braxton & Pauline Oliveros, plus two world premieres by Annie Gosfield, and JG Thirlwell, and an improvisation with Jason Ponce. Esoteric pianist Reinier Van Houdt presents the US Premiere of Italian avant-garde composer Walter Marchetti’s new solo piano work Concerto per la Mano Sinistra in un Solo Movimento (Concerto for the Left Hand in One Movement).

Interpretatons would like to share some works by these artists! James Ilgenfritz on two tracks, one performing the music of Anthony Braxton, and one performing duo with Pauline Oliveros. Reinier Van Houdt can be heard on two tracks, performing music by Christian Marclay and Francisco López.

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10khrs on 11/08/2013 at 04:47AM

A Song Cycle in 13 Breaths: "Breathtales" by Ann LeBaron

On November 14 Interpretations presents the world premiere of Anne LeBaron's "Breathtails," as well as a handful of other amazing works - including the New York premiere of Los Murmullos, and the US premiere of Creación de las Aves, both written for pianist Ana Cervantes.

We have posted two pieces of music from Anne LeBaron, and we asked Anne a few questions about her career and the works presented on this concert.

What is the story with your new opera "Breathtails"?

Actually it’s not an opera although everyone seems to want to call it that, so maybe it is after all! We are calling it ‘a song cycle in 13 breaths.’ When Tom Buckner invited me to compose a work for him with my choice of text (living or deceased writer, or write it myself) and instrumentation, I immediately knew that I wanted the poetry to focus on the breath, and that the shakuhachi, with its haunting breath-infused sonorities, would be central to the ensemble. What a rare opportunity---a coveted chance to collaborate in a non-operatic context (and thus dispense with all the baggage that such endeavors can sometimes entail) and to tailor the composition for a singer whom I greatly admire. The choice of string quartet, to complete the ensemble, was made intuitively—a united front that would function alternatively and at times simultaneously as a foundation, a foil, and a Greek chorus.

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10khrs on 10/14/2013 at 04:00AM

New Tracks from Momenta Quartet

On Thursday Oct 17, Interpretations will present two great performances. There will be new premieres from Gene Coleman's Ensemble N_JP and the Momenta Quartet perfoming works for string quartet by improvisers: Yusef Lateef, Gordon Beeferman, Arthur Kampela, and a world premiere from Adam Rudolph.

Here are two new tracks from the Momenta quartet from recent performances! Hope you enjoy.

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10khrs on 05/06/2013 at 09:15AM

New Tracks from Brandon Ross and Marty Ehrlich

Thursday May 9 at Roulette, Interpretations presents Marty Ehrlich's Plowshares People and Brandon Ross's For Living Lovers. Plowshares people presents music for string quartet and solo woodwinds, from saxophonist/clarinetist Marty Ehrlich, including the NY premiere of his string quartet Plowshares People, and two world premieres: Lay Down Your Weary Tune for solo clarinet, and Starlings Suite, for string quartet plus alto saxophone. Featuring Jennifer Choi and Cornelius Dufallo – violins; Lev Zhurbin – viola; Alex Waterman – cello. “For Living Lovers” is the instrumental duo of the exceptional acoustic guitarist Brandon Ross and acoustic bass guitarist, Stomu Takeishi, performing Ross’s unorthodox but highly infectious compositions. They are joined by JT Lewis –drums, and Stephanie Richards- trumpets/flugelhorn.

In anticipation of this concert, we are offering four new tracks: Two from Marty Ehrlich's seminal group Darkwoods Ensemble, and two from Brandon Ross, and one featuring his partner with For Living Lovers, bassist Stumo Takeishi.

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10khrs on 04/10/2013 at 12:53PM

Diotima Quartet Plays Hugh Levick's Empire, Inc

Paris based Diotima string quartet returns to New York to present a characteristically eclectic set of works from the 20th Century to the current era. Works include the illustrious Henri Dutilleux’s Ainsi la Nuit (called “the only repertory French string quartet of the postwar period” by The New Yorker’s Russell Platt), Japanese modernist Toshio Hosokawa’s Silent Flowers, and two works from LA-based composer Hugh Levick: The Unimagined and Empire Inc, both featured on Diotima’s new CD on Signature Records.

We would like to offer two tracks from Hugh Levick's work for string quartet, Empire, Inc: the first and fourth movements, as performed by the Diotima quartet.

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10khrs on 03/19/2013 at 10:00AM

New Music from Kathleen Supové/Randall Woolf & Melvyn Poore/Jonathan Harvey

On Thursday March 21, Interpretations presents an evening of expressive re-imaginings of solo instruments and electronics:Pianist Kathleen Supové takes off with compositions for piano and soundtrack by Lainie Fefferman, Matt Marks, and Randall Woolf, inspired by Claude Debussy, and featuring the premiere of “Flaming Pairs” by Eric Lyon, part of an evening length work entitled “Earth To Kathy“. PLUS: English tubist Melvyn Poore and sound artist Cort Lippe explore new concepts for solo tuba technique and sound design, incorporating spatialization of microphone placement, bassoon reeds, MAX/MSP, delay, and audio playback.

In anticipation of this concert, we would like to offer three tracks: Kathleen Supové performs Randall Woolf's "Sutra Sutra" from her CD "The Exploding Piano" (a new work from Wolff will be featured on the March 21 concert).  Melvyn Poore performs Jonathan Harvey's "Lightness And Weight", a tuba concerto that Harvey wrote specifically for Poore. Also featured is one work Poore will be performing on his March 21 concert:  "Tubassoon" is an extended experimental work that featues prominently the tuba played through a bassoon reed.

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