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mwalker on 01/22/2010 at 10:15AM

under the color cave

Photo by Caroline Contillo 2009

Refreshed from a set of November dates opening for the Jesus Lizard, Noveller graced ISSUE Project last Thursday with her first show of the New Year – the labors of which are shared below. Noveller serves as the solo vehicle for Brooklyn-based sound artist, visual artist, and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate, who has worked with a diverse array of musicians: playing in Cold Cave and Parts & Labor, performing in the ensembles of twin towers of Downtown guitar music Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham, and collaborating with Carlos Giffoni (whose No Fun Productions label put out her fantastic Red Rainbows album last year).

As Noveller, Ms. Lipstate sends beautifully constructed sheaths of complex colors drifting and swirling around elegant, crystalline loops of sparsely-picked guitar. In the performance of "Redgrave" (to be found on an upcoming 7” on FTAM), muted washes of shimmering chords float back and forth in slowed motions, framed by narrow streams of translucent sound that glide through the upper realms of the gloriously serene landscape, quivering with warm energy. A cleanly picked three-note guitar figure quietly emerges, oscillating in a steady but unhurried rhythm before vanishing back into the glowing haze.  "Bleached Beach" (from a forthcoming album on Important Records) and "Under the Color Cave" (from the recent split LP with Aidan Baker) are equally gorgeous, but I’ll allow you the pleasure of exploring the details without further prattle from me.



jason on 01/22/10 at 04:15PM
Really enjoying this recording -- the IPR room sound is the perfect environment.

Kudos to whoever thought to pair Noveller w/ the Jesus Lizard -- I wonder what freeform booking agent thought that one up? But her Rhys Chatham guitar army membership makes a lot of sense, and I was just listening back to some of the FMA Parts & Labor live sets too, with Sarah Lipstate and Dan Friel both on guitar/electornics/synth...awesome lineup.
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