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lawrence_kumpf on 07/31/2009 at 01:55PM

New Wooden Wand Tracks

James Toth aka Wooden Wand aka Wand recently released a super-limited LP of early material titled Born Bad, check out a few tracks here.

ISSUE had a great show with him and Michael Gira (who will be putting out Wand's next album on Young God) last weekend out in our courtyard.

Look for more upcoming courtyard shows in the future, including Jandek on Septmeber 6th with the amazing Susan Alcorn and Ryan Sawyer.


User Comments

jason on 07/31/09 at 02:28PM
jandek is coming! will it be funky?
chovy on 08/01/09 at 02:45PM
awesome, where can I download an album?
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