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andrewcsmith on 09/13/2010 at 12:10PM

MV Carbon + Metalux + Aki Onda this Friday at ISSUE

Photo by Kenzo Niwa

MV Carbon continues her residency at ISSUE Project Room with a free concert this Friday, appearing with J. Graf (as Metalux) followed by a duo with Aki Onda. Metalux grinds with echoes of heavy metal and dystopian industrial apparatuses, and feels both claustrophobic and remote. Analog synth sweeps combine with gritty transistor distortion, and the vocals (when there are vocals) are almost totally obscured.

I've added some Metalux tracks below, as well as an excerpt from Carbon's July 17 performance at ISSUE, the first of her residency. July was Floating Points month at ISSUE, so all performances highlighted our fifteen-channel hanging speaker system. Carbon's was no exception: she projected repeated loops throughout the venue, with the intention of creating a state of paranoia. "It's almost like a closed circuit in their head when they keep believing something and believing it and believing it even if it's not true."

An integral aspect of Carbon's art is her instrument-building. She has makeshift cellos attached to Moog synth pedals, sometimes with guitar fretboards and other times with TVs for bodies. Clips of some of these instruments are in a video after the jump, as well as an excerpt from Tony Conrad's interview of Carbon, filmed and edited for her residency.

ISSUE Project Room: MV Carbon from ISSUE Project Room on Vimeo.



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