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andrewcsmith on 10/19/2009 at 08:56PM

Elliott Sharp's SyndaKit

Elliott Sharp performed with the latest incarnation of his Orchestra Carbon, playing his 1998 composition SyndaKit (full score available) just in time for the reissue of the original recording by the German label Neos. The score includes twelve pages of short modules in varying temporal lengths, and the musicians were instructed to either play modules from their page or imitate what another musician is playing. It unfolds like the evil doppelganger of Terry Riley's "In C," alternating between driving pulses and rhythmic noise. This recording is a testament to both the interpretive flexibility that Sharp allows his performers and the inventiveness that the performers themselves bring to the performance.

Sharp's band (as of this October) includes Reut Regev, trombone; Catherine Sikora, saxophone; Rachel Golub, violin; Judith Insell, viola; Ha-Yang Kim, cello; Kevin ray, bass; Reuben Radding, bass; Marc Sloan, bass; Jenny Lin, piano; Danny Tunick, percussion; and Sim Cain, drums.



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