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mwalker on 12/01/2009 at 02:00PM

Darmstadt Festival: Essential Repertoire

So, big week for the Downtown Music community. ISSUE Project Room hosts the second annual Darmstadt: Essential Repertoire Festival on the evenings of December 3, 4, and 5, curated by Zach Layton and Nick Hallet. In honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Rhys Chatham-curated concerts held at the Kitchen in 1979, this year's Essential Rep festival will be comprised exclusively of work from composers featured in the seminal Kitchen performances -- Meredith Monk, Peter Zummo, Phill Niblock, Jon Gibson, and many more living legends. Check the full line-up: here.

Things kicked off last night at Galapagos Art Space with an unbelievably huge (50+) ensemble of incredible musicians (Jon Gibson, David Grubbs, Alan Licht, Peter Zummo, Alex Waterman, etc, etc, etc) performing Terry Riley's classic In C, an annual Darmstadt staple. The fantastic performance came off as a veritable universe of joyfully dense sound, at every moment threatening to implode with blissful exuberance.

To get everyone pumped up, we're sharing a little mix featuring three performances from last year's festival as well as a performance from Phill Niblock, who performs on Friday for the 2009 festivities. Enjoy!



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