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lawrence_kumpf on 06/22/2009 at 05:42PM

Climax Golden Twins

My Friend Rain (Sub Freq)

Last week ISSUE hosted Rob Millis and Jeffery Taylor collectively known as Climax Golden Twins. Climax Golden Twins is a Seattle, WA based experimental collage outfit originally consisting of Rob Millis and Jeffery Taylor, then picking up Scott Colburn in 1996 (not included on this posting). The group’s earliest material was recorded in 1993 but wasn’t released until their 1996 album Imperial Household Orchestra. In 1994 they started Fire Breathing Turtle to distribute their work along with audio exotica, especially their ongoing “Victrola Favorites,” complations of rare 78s from around the world. With numerous tapes, CDRs, mini-CDs, singles, side and solo projects, audiophile records and other aural collectables, being a CGT fan is no simple, or inexpensive, task.

In addition to an amazing performance Rob also screen some Sublime Frequencies films: Indian at 78, My Friend Rain and Phi Ta Khon: Ghosts of Isan. Both projects, CGT and Rob’s films, offer a new approach to the field of ethnomusicology one which squarely roots the subject within the practice of observation.  During Phi Ta Khon, a film documenting a three-day party in Isan, Thailand, you often see the hand of the cameraman reaching around from behind the camera for shots of rice whiskey as well as festival-goers engaging directly with the camera.  Much like the CGT project, which gains its sound from a wide array of musical traditions and then uses college to reorder them, Rob’s films refuse an objective documentary approach.

TOMORROW: EXACT CHANGE 20th Anniversary w/ Loren Conners, Joan La Barbara, Alan Licht, Till By Turning, Alex Waterman, Barbara Epler, James Hoff, Kenneth Goldsmith, Damon Krukowski and Namoi Young. 10$ Tickets Online



jason on 06/22/09 at 08:40PM
nice post, and great recording! Can't believe I missed this one, I am kicking myself, ugh...

Speaking of Climax Golden Twins, their Victrola Favorites series is fantastic, any fans of Excavated Shellac's FMA offering should definitely check them out.

Exact Change anniversary sounds like a great event. And Kenneth Goldsmith = WFMU DJ Kenny G
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