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andrewcsmith on 10/26/2009 at 12:58AM

Alex Waterman Reading Robert Ashley

Alex Waterman reads excerpts from his interviews with Robert Ashley according to Ashley's early indeterminate score "in memoriam . . . Esteban Gomez." The score is circular, with no determinate duration, and with a suggested four players (although Waterman performed solo). More than just the words, the score drives the intonation of the reading, as Ashley's original four timbal indications become intonational indications in the speaking voice. In this piece, Ashley memorializes the man credited with deserting Magellan, financing his expeditions by selling slaves, and mapping the eastern shore of North America.

Also, this recording is one of the few ways to hear Alex read the following paragraph:

Willard called the cops one time about a flying saucer that was in the living room. The cops came over and asked him to show them where it was and Willard pointed to the window sill in the living room. They said, "Willard, that's a peach pit." And Willard said, "Well, it may look like a peach pit to you."



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