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Halas_Radio on 10/26/2009 at 06:00PM

No Regrets For Our Youth

"No Regrets For Our Youth is a nine track album of individual pieces, beautifully created with acoustic, electronic, modern and old sound. Each track varies from simple to intricately developed music. The record is one work, in that each piece connects to the others, yet they are all unique. The first track of predominantly electronic sounds defines a heavy yet childlike melody with strong rhythm in seven time. The accents are unusual, as are the sounds, but with time this 'Dance' as it is titled, becomes less awkward. The mood changes significantly with track three. 'The Manners of Speech' holds us in a warm embrace of acoustic guitars and familiar chords with oodles of anticipation. The variety of sound is refreshing and incredibly beautiful. Then 'Fronts' jolts us to attention. It starts with a strikingly simple rhythm. High-hat and electric guitar initiate the dialogue, soon joined by voice, distorted guitar and organ to form an unusual but effective ensemble. Other tracks include a tense string quartet, an improvisatory harpsichord combined with electronic instruments and sounds to create unlikely unions. The final track brings us full circle and sounds from the opener are heard again. This time the melody is a little slower, as if a long journey has been accomplished. 'No Regrets for Our Youth' is a record of familiar sounds given new life with poignant anticipation and utterly heartbreaking tension. It is modern music with its own identity. Little information can be found about No Regrets For Our Youth maybe because the music speaks for itself" -- anna johnston.

No Regrets For Our Youth

Anna Johnston:

Photo: Adi Nachman



jason on 10/26/09 at 06:18PM
I'm really enjoying the album at the moment, thank you for featuring this! Will definitely play some on the radio tomorrow.

I'd love to know more about them, like where they're from, who's involved, etc...but I suppose the music does speak for itself
svenswift on 10/29/09 at 06:24AM
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