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Halas_Radio on 06/30/2011 at 10:40AM

Lo-Fi People - Milgrom

First, Watch the Video!

Keeping their rough and intuitive approach to song-writing, Milgrom’s new ep is cleaner, sharper and shinier! 

Making Salad is like a tiny health-food buffet containing 7 polished little snacks, ready for immediate consumption.

Bouncing from rock to non-sense to ballad, Milgrom never loses contact with their experimental-pop souls. With Dolly’s unique voice as the song’s anchor, the drums, guitars and keyboards don’t stay shy and take turns to express their own quirkiness.

The lyrics stretch across the broad spectrum between childish fantasy and harsh human reality. They describe daily life scenarios as well as apocalyptic ones, sprinkled with a fair amount of love stories. The band’s straightforward deliverance of the tunes and lyrics continuously fails to take itself too seriously, and provides a couple of feel-good moments (Guilt free, Co2 neutral).     

Tom’s classical perfectionism against Dolly’s irrationality versus Blank’s all-over-the-place straightforwardness was a recipe for a disaster when the band initially started playing together. 

Driven by their often unreasonable behaviors, their styles went through a series of clashes so hard that it was a matter of time before the whole thing will shred into pieces.

The only thing they could then do, is glue everything together, not knowing anymore who’s style is what, building that mutant Frankenstein sound which has become the Milgrom trade mark ever since.

Official website:

The iphone, ipad app:

As appropriate for a virtual band living in cyberspace, Milgrom are celebrating their new album 'Making Salad' with a special interactive version for iPhone. This Stop-motion-animated musical toy let you play loops, samples, mix and create music videos.
Based on their innovative arcade jam station , Milgrom now gives you compact musical craziness that fits right in your little pocket.

Vocals, drums, guitar. Milgrom provide the sound and good looks. You provide the musical genius*. Change loops, play free-style samples and make the singer go mm-mmm...

Endless drum solos and funky guitar riffs. Beatboxing and scat. Do them all. You are the boss. No more endless arguments with arrogant band members. Complete creative control is yours!

Record mind-boggling animated music videos and achieve instant fame by sharing on YouTube and Facebook. Or make your own Milgrom ringtone and take your phone to the next level.

(*) Actual genius not required. You don't even have to be a musician. Only an all-around cool person.

- Stop-motion animation (claymation) like you've never seen before on an iPhone (or anywhere in the universe, really)
- Choose from a set of 7 interactive songs & styles and mix between them
- Jam with the 3 band members at once or focus on only one of them
- Endless unique musical combinations
- Easily create animated music videos and share on YouTube, Facebook and email
- Create your own Milgrom ringtones and send them to your friends
- Beat Box sounds are included for free!

The full app, simply called 'Milgrom' is sold for $1.99
There is a free version as well, called 'Milgrom - Boy', that comes with one song only and has some limited features.

** Requirements: iPhone 3GS / iPod touch 3rd generation and above, running iOS 4.1 and above.

Milgrom on the AppStore:
Milgrom - Boy (free) on the AppStore:

Milgrom - "Boy" (02:34)
Milgrom - "Boy" (02:34)


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