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mpvernon on 11/18/2009 at 11:30AM

Glass Candy - three albums

I acquired Glass Candy's debut album Love Love Love in 2003 when it was released and it still gets regular play on the CD player. Glass Candy has a somewhat campy sound that wavers between goth, punk and disco. Often billed as Glass Candy and The Shattered Theatre, Its primary attribute is the tortured voice of Ida No who often sounds like she is channeling Siouxise and Deborah Harry at the same time. She also reminds me a lot of Wendy O. Williams on the more turbulent songs. Johnny Jewel's pulsing electronic riffs  are also instrumental in giving the music a somewhat ominous sound.

Glass Candy has placed three of their earlier albums, plus quite a few demos, on the Free Music Archive, a rather unusual move for an established band that is still going strong. Love Love Love is more punk and goth than the others making it danceable but disturbing. "Crystal Migraine" and the title track are standouts but I also recommend the over-the-top "Love on a Plate". There is an interesting take on The Rolling Stones' "Last Time" (only available on the album). The Sick Sounds of Glass Candy has more of an electro-pop sound and shows strong Italo Disco influences. "Your Dream Lover's on Video Again" and the following "Life after Sundown" are representative tracks, both unusual in their seven minutes plus duration. "La Brea Tar Pits" is a good atmospheric instrumental piece. The third album is titled Iko and the title track is the classic New Orleans "Iko" made famous by a number of musicians including Dr. John. Glass Candy's version has little to do with the song's Cajun roots which is why it is so interesting. However its jaunty rhythms also makes it one of the happier tracks by this band. There are two other tracks plus three remixes. As these albums become more recent it appears that the group is paying more attention to the disco aspects of their sound. Overall, I find Glass Candy to have a distinctive sound that will appeal to a number of rock, punk and electronic dance enthusiasts.

The three albums are available in 256kbps MP3. If you enjoy the music, support the artists by buying their CDs.

Love Love Love
The Sick Sound Of...

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