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dvd on 07/11/2012 at 04:00PM

Welcome Decoder Magazine

The folks behind Decoder Magazine have been faithfully sending out sonic signals into the music blogosphere for some time under their Crash Symbols label and former blog Get Off The Coast. With a successful kickstarter behind them and a print edition on the way, we're excited to welcome them as one of our newest curators.

"Decoder Magazine is a print and web based chronicle of new music and events, also playing host to diverse multimedia projects that include an ongoing comic series... With so much of music being produced outside of traditional networks and communities, the obligation to seek out new and useful mutations has never been greater... We are not concerned about premiering or covering music in a way that props up vacuous marketing narratives constructed by publicists. In the same vein, our true vocation is the work we do to knit the musicians we cover into sympathetic digital communities in order to encourage new niches and growth along non-geographical lines." 

They'll be digging out and serving the freshest Creative Commons sounds with a focus on the blurred lines between Pop, Experimental, and Electronic music. They've already got quite a collection going on the FMA, but I've embedded their first contribution at right; a double cassette mixtape that collects tracks from all the diverse partisans of Living Room Visions, running the gamut from oblique sound collages to hyper melodic pop.

You can check out their curator portal here.

decoder magazine


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