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dvd on 05/24/2012 at 06:59AM

MP3 of the Day: Honey Trappists, "A Bicycle Ride Through The Nation's Capitol (Lokin' Out)"


In honor of National Bike Month, today's MP3 of the Day is a cosmic voyage down the bicycle lane. 

Improvisational duo Honey Trappists split the difference between Yonkers, New York and Washington DC. Their release Rough Jazz: Vol 1 features a nice array of experimental guitar work, and the opener A Bicycle Ride Through the Nation's Capitol (Lokin' Out) evokes the uncanny experience of biking through DC as monuments, lobbyists, and segway tours rush by. 

Honey Trappists half John Badger has a growing collection of material on the FMA released under his own John Badger Farms label, including two albums with The Moustache Riders of Doom.

More at: Tumblr | Bandcamp



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