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jason on 05/22/2012 at 12:00PM

MP3 of the Day: Bear Bones, Lay Low, "Genesis 6 1-17"

Bear Bones, Lay Low is Ernesto Gonzalez. The Venezuela-born, Belgium-based member of Silvester Anfang (Sylvester Anfang II). He began releasing solo electronic experiments as a teenager via his own Eat the Sun imprint, and soon linked up with the KRAAK label for 2009's Vallee De Dith and this year's follow-up, El Telonero

"Genesis 6 1-17" is based around a passage from the Book of Genesis recounted as a duet with Gonzalez's acid guitar licks splayed out over a bubbling tropical-ectro rhythm that recalls fellow Venezuelan Angel Rada. It's bizzarely playful considering that this passage describes humanity's wickedness in the eys of the lord, who advises Noah to build an ark before he floods the earth.

Bear Bones, Lay Low HQ | Facebook | Soundcloud | FMA

KRAAK HQ | FMA | El Telonero LP



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