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ange on 04/29/2013 at 06:30AM

Francesca Panetta on Radio Free Culture: Is Location Audio the Future of Radio?

On this month's edition of WFMU's Radio Free Culture, multi award-winning producer and sound artist Francesca Panetta joins the Free Music Archive to discuss Hackney Hear, the winner of this year's Prix Europa Radio Production Award. It's a smartphone app that asks you to put it in your pocket as you explore London Fields and Broacway Market in London. As you travel, the app scores your journey with a blend of location-specific interviews, archived audio, music, and poetry.

We'll discuss the future of app-based storytelling, the challenges of GPS accuracy, and learn how Francesca pins two lapel mics to her left and right ears to capture a wide stereo sound.

Then, later in the show, listen back to this past year's Radiovision Festival, where Francesca spoke on a panel with Pejk Malinovski (East Village Poetry Walk) and Ellen Horne (RadioLab). The three super-producers will discuss how they're pushing the boundaries of audio with walking tours, immersive apps, and live events. Plus, the significance of taking risks and experimenting with new methods of storytelling. Jim Colgan (Soundcloud) moderates.

Here's our interview as heard on WFMU's Radio Free Culture:

More about Hackney Hear: Winner of the Prix Europa Award for Innovation

Hackney Hear was commended as being a first in audio and technology. The app was one of 15 projects 'pre-selected' by Prix Europa to present in Berlin this month. There were a huge range of projects, from Danish kindergarten improvisations to a Romanian radio cycling campaign.

Francesca Panetta, Director of Hackney Hear, said:

“We are so thrilled and honored to receive this award. Prix Europa sets the highest standard for radio, TV and online content. To be considered as a driving force in radio, pushing both the content and technology forwards, is such a complement. Prix Europa sets the highest standard for radio, TV and online content. To be considered as a driving force in radio, pushing both the content and technology forwards, is such a complement. I know that this award will help inspire the Hackney Hear team to experiment further with other geo-located and audio technologies and push what we can do - technically and creatively - with this new platform.”

Silvain Gire, ARTE Radio and Jury coordinator Prix Europa 2012, said:

“Radio is changing. Radio is now digital, podcasted and mobile. But on these new modern listening devices, radio still remains an intimate and fragile companion. Hackney Hear will lead you through the streets, the voices and the stories of the big city.”



Hosted by various WFMU personalities, Radio Free Culture is a monthly program that explores digital culture, net neutrality, piracy, the broadcast spectrum, digital rights, and archives and libraries in the internet age. We'll be interviewing some of the nation's key figures at the intersection of music, multimedia, and digital technology.

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This series is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.



katya-oddio on 04/30/13 at 01:32AM
This is a fabulous concept, and I hope to see it blossom everywhere. People, scenes, and real estate come and go too often without being documented. All the best to Panetta and this worthwhile venture!

There are some quality podcasts out there of walking tours and neighbors recalling old times.

One that stands out is Yellow Arrow's Capitol of Punk (10 episodes), a walking tour with video recollections, history, maps, and so forth of the early days of punk in Washington, DC.
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