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ange on 06/14/2013 at 01:00AM

Birthday Suit: Will These Documentary Filmmakers Set "Happy Birthday" Free from Copyright?

Artwork by Greg Harrison

A new lawsuit being filed today aims to have "Happy Birthday From You" given its rightful place in the public domain. As Eriq Gardner writes for the Hollywood Reporter, the film company Good Morning to You Productions Corp. is working on a documentary about the birthday song, and has filed a suit on behalf of all those who have paid for the rights to use it.

As we follow the case closely, you can always check out our Free Birthday Song Repository of over 140 free birthday songs that are licensed Creative Commons Attribution, and watch a video we produced of birthday song alternatives used in Film and Television. 



soundtracks4life on 06/17/13 at 08:42AM
The video you guys made was awesome. I'm gonna keep an eye out now to see how TV & movies from today and yesterday worked their way around the copyright.
BluebirdBlvd on 07/30/13 at 06:14PM
Thank you so much for writing this piece on free birthday songs, WFMU! There's a problem with your link to the Free Birthday Song Repository— it leads right back to the front page of the FMA site. Thanks!
andrea on 07/31/13 at 06:22PM
thanks for the note! fixed!

This was the link you were looking for:
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