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natewooley on 06/01/2011 at 05:00PM

New World Records Takes Over the Stone!!! Week One

Christian Wolff, one of the featured performers in WEEK ONE of New World Records' curation of The Stone

The historical arc of music-making and how that music is digested is entering a dangerous part of its curve right now.  The advent of the saleable recording made the musical "superstar" a viable media personality.  Now, with digital media, streaming, downloads, and the prevalence of the home studio, the model of how qualitative decisions are made is threatened. After all, we're in an age where a 13 year old can make a bad piece of music on a korg keyboard, post it on the internet, and be on a multi-national tour within 6 months. 

So, if the possibility of the physical product and a rigorous curatorial process that goes into the qualitative decisions surrounding its release are in apparent danger (something that, to me, is one of the most frightening by-products of the information age), what does the serious music fan do?  Where do they go to find music on the level that they have become accustomed to?  What happens when the 12 year old fans of the 13 year old superstar grow older and are able (hopefully) to see through the smoke and mirrors?  How can they find true satisfaction in a world increasingly headed toward an open system?


In the off chance (heaven forbid) that the recording industry collapses in on itself, leaving us only what ITunes and YouTube or American Idol tells us is high art, we can still connect with an actual acoustic sound in an actual acoustic made by human beings just for us. We can take Jacques Attali's historiography back a notch or two and give music its power back by seeing the musicians we love on recordings do their thing live. 

That's the idea behind the 2 week curation by New World Records' Paul Tai at John Zorn's club, The Stone, in June.  Dig into the catalog, talk to the artists you love the best, and ask them to bring their most recent projects to one central location to celebrate the power of live music.  And , maybe even sell one or two of those fantastically visceral physical products!

Featured in this blog are five tracks from five of the 10 composer/performers that will be featured in just the first week of this two week festival in celebration of over 30 years of New World Records!

Here's the schedule for WEEK ONE!

Wednesday, June 1

8 pm Eve Beglarian

10 pm Nick Didkovsky

Thursday June 2

8 pm Tony Malaby

10 pm Geoffrey Burleson (performing Persichetti, White, Sahl, and Zappa)

Friday June 3

8 pm Anthony Coleman

10 pm Marty Ehrlich's Rites Quartet

Saturday June 4

8 pm Larry Polansky (with Christian Wolff and Robert Black)

10 pm Christian Wolff (with Larry Polansky and Robert Black)

Sunday June 5

8 pm ZWERM electric guitar quartet plays Larry Polansky's "The World's Longest Melody"

10 pm Jason Kao Hwang with Ayman Fanous

Tuesday June 7

8 pm Doug Perkins

10 pm Guillermo Gregorio


The Stone is located at the corner of 2nd street and Avenue C in Manhattan.  All proceeds go directly to the artists, and so you will truly be supporting live music!

Stay tuned for 5 more tracks featuring artists from WEEK TWO!


A little bit about these tracks...

1. Nick Didkovsky: Meteoric Ice Pie Menace from Ice Cream Time (New World Record 80667) featuring Nick Didkovsky (electric guitar), ARTE Quartett (saxophones), and Thomas Dimuzio (live electronic processing)

Nick will be performing the 10 pm set on June 1st with Josh Lopes (electric guitar), Jesse Krakow (electric bass) and Keith Abrams (drums)

2. Geoffrey Burleson: Vincent Persichetti Piano Sonata No. 9, Mvt. II from Vincent Persichetti: Complete Piano Sonatas (New World Records 80677) featuring Geoffrey Burleson on piano

Geoffrey will be performing the 10 pm set on June 2nd featuring works by Persichetti (the 9th sonata among them), Frank Zappa and others

3. Larry Polansky: Opening from Lonesome Road (The Crawford Variations) (New World Records 80566) featuring Martin Christ on piano

Larry will be featured on the 8 pm sets both on June 4th and 5th, as well as being a guest with Christian Wolff at 10 pm on June 4th

4. Christian Wolff: Exercise 16 from Ten Exercises (New World Records 80658)  featuring Michael Riessler on bass clarinet, and Robyn Schulkowsky on vibraphone

Christian will be featured at the 10 pm set on June 4th

5. Guillermo Gregorio: White Coplanar from Coplanar (New World Records 80639)

Guillermo will be making the trip from Chicago for this very rare appearance in New York during the 10 pm set on June 7th.



Ploni on 05/18/11 at 05:07PM
Didkovsky track is missing
andrewcsmith on 05/18/11 at 05:09PM
June 4th! I'll be there all night.
jason on 05/19/11 at 03:51AM
Didkovsky is back and better than ever!
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