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natewooley on 06/08/2011 at 09:00AM

New World Records Continues its Takeover of the Stone!!! Week Two!

Earl Howard performs in duo with Anthony Davis at the Stone for the second week of the New World Records Fest.

Last week this blog was dedicated to New World Records curatorial turn at John Zorn's Manhattan club, The Stone.  In it, I, as so many people in music are apt to do these days, bemoaned the loss of the representation of music in physical formats (CD/LP/Cassette even) and posited that a way to flip the script is to spend special face time with some of your favorite artists.  A good opportunity for such canoodling would be WEEK TWO of New World Records at the Stone!

Below is the schedule for WEEK TWO, and again I've featured 5 tracks from the New World catalog that focus on some of the artists from this week:

Wednesday June 8

8 pm Barbara Benary

10 pm Joe Kubera performs the piano music of Michael Byron

Thursday June 9

8 pm Margaret Lancaster

10 pm Andrew Byrne

Friday June 10

8 pm TBA

10 pm Nurit Tilles plays the piano music of David Mahler

Saturday June 11

8 pm Earl Howard

10 pm Anthony Davis

Sunday June 12

8 pm Mary Jane Leach

10 pm Beth Anderson

Tuesday June 13

8 pm Andy Laster's Yiash

10 pm Denman Maroney

Wednesday June 14

8 pm John Zorn

10 pm Tim Berne

The Stone is located at the corner of 2nd street and Avenue C in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  All the proceeds at the door go to the performers, so come out and support some live music!

A little bit about these tracks:

Tim Berne: Sequel Ex from The Sevens (New World Records 80586) performed by Marc Ducret

Tim Berne will be performing at the 10 pm set, Wednesday, June 14

2. David Mahler: Day Creek Piano Works VII. Proximate Sounds from Only Music Can Save Me Now, (New World Records 80702performed by Nurit Tilles (piano)

Nurit Tilles will be performing piano works by David Mahler and Donald Ashwander at the 10 pm set, Friday June 10

3. Margaret Lancaster: Piker: Daughter of Piker (composed by Larry Polansky) from io(New World Records 80665)

Margaret Lancaster will perform at the 8 pm set on Thursday June 9th with Matthew Gold on percussion and Larry Polansky on guitar

4. Michael Byron: II. A Bird Revealing the Unknown to the Sky from Dreamers of Pearl (New World Records 80679) performed by Joseph Kubera on piano 

Joseph Kubera will perform the piano works for of Michael Byron at 10 pm on Wednesday June 8th

5. Barbara Benary: Aural Shoehorning: I. Plainsong from Sun on Snow (New World Records 80646)

Barbara Benary will perform at 8 pm on June 8th.



andrewcsmith on 06/08/11 at 02:36PM
Margaret Lancaster, Larry Polansky, and Matt Gold were all here in the SEM rehearsal space practicing Lois Vierk's piece "io" yesterday. They're performing it on the set with Polansky's piece Piker, as well.
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